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Event Horizon - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4520 where we are going, you don't need any eyes! (full quote)
641 It shows you things, horrible things. (full quote)
10081 This place is a tomb. (full quote)
10081 If what Dr. Weir tells us is true, this ship has been beyond the boundaries of our universe--of known scientific reality. Who knows where it's been, what it's seen, and what it's brought back with it. (full quote)
10764 Hell is just a word. Reality is much, much worse. (full quote)
  Liberate Tute Mae (full quote)
13140 god, what happened to your eyes? 2. we won't need eyes to see where we're going. (full quote)
12467 DO YOU SEE! DO YOU SEE! DO YOUE SEE! Yes I see. (Presses Detonator) (full quote)
15699 1)This ship is FUCKED!!! 2)Thank you for that scientific analysis (full quote)
  Weir: But what about the ship? You can't just leave it here! Miller: I have no intention of leaving it doctor. I'm going to take the Lewis & Clark to a safe distance, and then launch TAC missiles at the Event Horizon until I'm satisfied she's vaporised. Fuck this ship. (full quote)
27786 I am home. (full quote)
27786 I'v been going over that signal we picked up and I uh... think I made a mistake. I thought it said 'liberate me'. Save me. But now I think what it's saying is 'liberate tuteme'..... save yourself. And it gets worse. There do you hear that.... I think that says 'ex inferris'. Save yourself.... from hell. (full quote)
  If You'd seen what I'd seen, you wouldn't try to stop me. (full quote)
  I have no intention of leaving her Doctor. I will take the Lewis and Clark to a safe distance and then I will fire tact missiles at the ***** until I am satisfied it is vaporized. FUCK THIS SHIP! (full quote)
  don,t talk shite (full quote)
  Magnetic boots....on! (full quote)
  1: It shows you things, horrible things. 2: what does? 1: the dark....inside me. i won't go back there. i won't. (full quote)
  When she crossed over, she was just a ship. But when she came back - she was alive (full quote)