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Goodbye Lover - 1999 Movie Quotes

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The Raven 1:) Why are you so cynical? 2:) Because someone killed Bambi's mother. (full quote)
The Raven Oh, now this makes me sick. Woman gets four million dollars for spilling coffee on herself. I do that every morning, what do I get? Coffee stains. (full quote)
The Raven 1:) They were having an affair? 2: No, they were celebrating Earth Day, you fucking mook! (full quote)
The Raven Look for the needle in the shit pile. (full quote)
The Raven I don't like it. I don't trust anyone over ten who listens to the Sound of Music! (full quote)
44453 Either the world's right side up or upside down. It depends on how you look at it. (full quote)