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Grind - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Aughhhhhhhhhhhh, Hey man I just got violated by a lizard man...Actually it felt kinda nice..haha (full quote)
  Let me get you another glass of bitch. (full quote)
  Sweet Lou cleans no mans poop (full quote)
  Matt: I hate clowns man.. (full quote)
  Matt: its time to meet the clowns man.. (full quote)
  Sweet Lou: Hey What's up? Girl: You Sweet Lou: want to make out? Girl: Sure. (full quote)
  Matt: *Fart* ugh Seth: ugh Matt: Greetings from the interior Eric: MATT!! Sweet Lou: ugh I think I can taste that one ........*Fart* *Matt very confused....* Eric: MATT!! Matt: that wa'nt me Gay guy: Sorry, that was me...WOO....can i have my underwear back? (full quote)
  I got 5 bucks on pepperoni!! (full quote)
  Matt: Do you think that guy does his own laundry? Eric: Are you kidding, he gets sick of a shirt, throws it out and gets another one FO FWEE!! Matt: I WANT! (full quote)
  I'm gonna snap your neck like a glo stick (full quote)
  wham bam steal the van (full quote)
  touche (full quote)
  Let me go get you another glass of bitch... (full quote)
  Sweet Lou's in love (full quote)
  i cant believe they've never heard of super duper skates. that's just a freaking outrage. (full quote)