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Gummo - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10934 When I sit down to eat I feel hungry, when I go to sleep I feel sexy. (full quote)
  Meet a girl from salt lake city, she had two quart legs and two rubber titties. She let off electricty but she burn alot of gas. She had a V8 pussy and a cadalic ass. (full quote)
  thats nothing new for trash like you (full quote)
  My brother dresses like ladies. Is he pretty? Pretty enough to have a boyfriend (full quote)
  i want a mustache dammit! (full quote)
  I like the name of cherry...cherries. (full quote)
  cops are mad 'cuz we get more pussy then they do (full quote)
  When I sit down to eat I feel sexy, and when I sit down to sleep I fee hungry. (full quote)
  Hi Solly are you clean..did you use soap? Here let me smell your wrist. Smells Good. Solly-What's it smell like? retard-Like big black cherries Solly-My mom gives me cherry shampoo. retard-I like cherries. I put cherries in my icecream. I like the name of cherry..cherries. (full quote)
  Aww look at his little faggoty bunny ears. Rabbits QUEER! (full quote)
  life is great. Without it you'd be dead. (full quote)
  I'm also gay. (full quote)
  You got a lump in your tity. (full quote)
  If they don't have strawberry,i'll get pineapple. (full quote)
  Smile sonovabitch, or i'm gonna kill ya. (full quote)
  footfoot, you stink a bitch. (full quote)
  Solomon: Xenia, Ohio. Xenia, Ohio. A couple of years ago, a tornado hit this place. It killed the people left and right. Houses were split open, and you could see necklaces hanging from branches of trees. Dogs died. Cats died. I saw a girl fly through the sky... and I looked up her skirt. (full quote)
36771 ...She's got a v8 p***y and a cadillac ass! (full quote)
  you got a big ol' lump in your titty (full quote)
  YOU TRIED TO TOUCH MY COOCHIE!!!! (full quote)
  clifford dumkin is the fat cocaine addict who lives down by my house. he's into wife-swapping and sex parties. he gives girls cocaine and he fucks them in front of different kids in the neighborhood. everytime i see him he's got cocaine all over his mustache. (full quote)
  i know a kid who is cross-eyed, but he sees everything backwards so it evens out... (full quote)