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Home Fries - 1998 Movie Quotes

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5983 1)I've always dreamed of being a big hit singer. 2)Oh, can you sing? 1)No, that's why they call them dreams. (full quote)
5983 1)I'd like to be the father-to-be. 2)You can't be the father and the brother at the same time! That's the kind of thing that messes kids up! (full quote)
20078 dorian... have you ever heard of lamaze? (full quote)
20078 oddly enough, i dreamt about her last night. i gathered that she was caucasion, and this was a strange observation, because her body was black. she had the body of huge, black ant. (full quote)
28597 Watch your toes, Ma! (full quote)
28597 I'm your brother, Dorian. Step-brother, actually. Technically, your father was married to my mother and he's also my step-father so, I think we're pretty much okay there. Now, your mother wasn't married to your father, but your father was married to your grandmother. Yeah, you probably won't be seeing a lot of her. But I do want you to meet Angus, your step-brother, my brother. He's got a short commitment to the state but the main thing.... the thing is.... family's the thing. And you got that in spades. (full quote)