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House of Yes, The - 1997 Movie Quotes

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4364 1)You be him. 2)Yes 2)And I'll be her. (full quote)
4364 So what if I slept with his brother, he slept with his sister! (full quote)
4364 Goo is what tape is all about. Goo is what makes it tape instead of paper. (full quote)
4364 If i were getting married I would want to check out the goods. (full quote)
4364 Pretend he's not my brother, I do. (full quote)
4364 How many assasination books can there be? (full quote)
4364 I used to be green, now I'm brown. I wanted pills to match my eyes. Color me beatiful. (full quote)
4364 Don't leave this girl alone with any handsome deaf-mutes, Marty. That's my advice to you. (full quote)
4364 1)Boy it's been a long day. 2)Not as long as yesterday, yesterday was 24 hours. 1)I meant with traveling and all. 2)I'ts no easier staying in one place. Take it from someone who knows. 3)Are you being wise? I think you're being wise. 2)I knew it would happen. One day I'd just wake up wise. 3)One day I woke up stupid. 2)You did? 3)It was terrible. 2)what'd you do? 3)I went back to sleep. 2)That was wise. (full quote)
5846 1)You have a lovely home. 2)home? 3)You're house, it's lovely. 1)Oh, yes it was, I mean it is, I mean it will be until it gets blown away, we all get blown away to OZ or something. (full quote)
4904 1)it's been a long day 2)not as long as yesterday. Yesterday was 24 whole hours. 1)I mean it seems long with the traveling and everything. 2) It can seem just as long if you're staying in one place. I would know. 3) Are you being wise? I think you're being wise. Since when did you become wise? 2)One day I woke up and I was wise. 3)One day I woke up and I was stupid. 2)What'd you do? 3)Went back to sleep. 2)That was wise! (full quote)
4904 1) you be him? 2)yes. 3) and I'll be her. 1)I'll be him. 2)and I'll be her. (full quote)
4904 do they have paintings in pennsylvania? (full quote)
4904 why do they call you jackie O.? (full quote)
4904 1) it was his first time. 2) no it wasn't. why would you think that? 1)it wasn't? 1)what do you think? 1)then why would he say it? 2)To get laid! (full quote)
11655 We went to an Ides of March party, and I wore a pink Chanel suit and a pill box hat, and blood on my dress. Well, ketchup mostly and other stuff like macaroni, glued on like brains. (full quote)
11655 We went to an Ides of March party, and I went as Jackie Onassis, in a pink Chanel suit and a pill box hat, and blood on my dress. Well, ketchup mostly and other stuff like macaroni,sort of glued on like brains. (full quote)
  Were you poor? Did you eat pancakes? (full quote)
  It's a brush, a brush you brush your hair with. It was pink, now it's gone! (full quote)
  - what's their number! people like that just burn me up. don't they burn you up marty? (full quote)
  - there's no food and no tv, what else is to stay up for? - conversation... - oh, that. that'll only get you into trouble. take it from one who knows. (full quote)
Loki23 L: I can't talk that way about your brother. J: Pretend he's not my brother. I do. (full quote)
32190 Jackie O: Anthony just said fuck. Marty: I know, I heard. Jackie O: 'Fucking a mirror - sounds painful. (full quote)
32190 I suppose you think I'm going insane just to be fashionable. (full quote)
32190 I don't think you're insane. I think you're spoiled. (full quote)
32190 What? I've never been to pennsylvania. I've never known anyone who's been to pennsylvania, much less been from there. Now, pennsylvania is just the place that gets in your way when you want to go someplace else. (full quote)
32190 Oh, she'll understand, she's from pennsylvania - the whole town's practically related. (full quote)
32190 1)How did you get that scar? 2)Jackie-O and Marty were playing French Revolution. I was Marie Antoinette. (full quote)
34810 That's not a gun, it's a camera. (full quote)
34810 Don't call me bourgeois just because I know the difference between right and wrong. (full quote)
34810 We all have our secrets. (full quote)