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Jungle 2 Jungle - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  When that does not work you must aim for the testicles!! WHACK!! that mustve hurt! (full quote)
  when that does not work you must do this! WHack (kick his in the testicles) (full quote)
8487 When thumb not work, Pinare do this!(1 knees the guy in the crotch hard.) (full quote)
8487 THIS PLACE IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  If thumb dont work you can only do this!!! SMACK (right in theguys testicles) (full quote)
8487 1) His name is Mimi Siku. Roughly translated, it means 'cat piss'. 2) 'Cat piss'? (full quote)
8487 1) You Pinare now. Pick a name 2) You pick for me. 1) Ukume. It means 'sound of rain on river. 2) Ukume. It's pretty. (full quote)
8487 You scream, Maitika attack. You calm, Maitika nice. But kukuve always mean. (full quote)
13284 You are walking around New york... WITH A MILLION DOLLARS IN A SUITCASE? (full quote)
17626 Umm, sir, the young man you are with is urinating on the exit door. (full quote)
  No, no Friday's not good for me. Do you know how hard it is to get a good shot when your bloody back's knotted all up? (full quote)
14345 1)Nice Poochi-Poochi. 2)That is the last Poochi-Poochi you'll ever see! (full quote)
14345 1)It's time to feed Matika! 2)what's...Matika? (shows him a tarantula) 2)AHHHHHH! (full quote)
14345 1)His name translates to cat piss. 2)CAT PISS?! 1)Oh come on, he was five years old when he chose it. (full quote)
  Baboon scared?? Yes Baboon scared I think Baboons pants are damp! (full quote)
  I can't Dad...I'm too nauseus from the boat ride. (full quote)
  Yes baboon was scared in fact baboons pants a little damp. (full quote)
  Andrew: what kin dof dumb name is Mimiskiku? Mom: He probably thinks Andrew is a dumb name Andrew: So do I (full quote)
  Karen: My name isn't Karen (she looks at Mimi sighing) It's Ukume. Andrew: I get dibs on Ukume's room. (full quote)
  uh, i am just loving this! (full quote)
  i dont eat meat, i dont eat dairy, and Of Course, i dont TOUCH reservatives! (full quote)
  Mrs. Kempster: I think Mimi Siku is a nice name Andrew Kempster; You would (full quote)
  Nice Puschibuschi! That is the last Puschibuschi you'll ever see around here you little savage!! (full quote)
  Nice puchibuchi! (full quote)
  Andrew: Mom, Tarzan is eating Daddy's fish (full quote)
  Mr. Kempster: Get him Andrew, use those crooked teeth! (full quote)
  1): Dad keeps everything in the bookcase 2): Andrew! 1): Behind the Bible and Judith Kranz 3) Thank you...Andrew. (full quote)