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Little City - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  For a while there, I thought I had it all; GREAT sex, and someone nice to come home to. But something told me that couldn't last. And now I have nothing...and something tells me that that CAN last. (full quote)
  Man: When are you gonna come work for me? Woman(annoyed): When you develop a new personality. Man: what do you mean? I am loveable! (full quote)
  Are you fucking Kevin? (full quote)
  By the way, I'm the one who Kate caught Anne in bed with. I'm the one who broke them up. Guess she and I are even now. (full quote)
  Required reading for all your conquests? (full quote)
  Adam: People who are tragically ambitious and smart go to New York and people who are just tragically smart come here. Rebecca: Oh. Well what about people who are just tragically ambitious? Adam: They go to LA. (full quote)
  Woman: I hate affairs. All the lying and sneaking around...and I'm so damn good at it. Man: You're not as good as you think you are. Woman: what's that's supposed to mean? Man: Adam told me he thinks you're having an affair. Woman: well, FUCK me! *old ladies gasp as they all cross themselves* (full quote)
  The bad part about meeting somebody great is that eventually you have to sleep with them. All that huffing and puffing to accomplish something I can do by myself in two minutes. (full quote)
  Kate: I thought only men were led around by their horomones. Anne: I'm not like all the other girls. Kate: You're not even like all the other boys. (full quote)
  Adam: what if this kid turns out to be artistically inclined with a particularly nasty sense of humor? Nina: Buy it a paintbrush...tell him nobody likes a smart ass. (full quote)
  Adam: You bartend at the San Remo. Rebecca: Do I know you? Adam: I turned a shot of bourbon into a Jackson Pollack in your bar the other day. Rebecca: Ah, yes, I love your work. (full quote)