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Lost World: Jurassic Park, The - 1997 Movie Quotes

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4520 Oooeee...Aahhh...Yeah, that's where it starts, but later it's screaming and running! (full quote)
  1)where's the crew? 2)All over the place! (full quote)
disue5 Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas. And I'm gonna be there when you learn that. (full quote)
disue5 Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator that ever lived. And the second greatest is going to take him down. (full quote)
disue5 Mom, Dad, there's a dinosaur in the backyard. There's a dinosaur in the backyard. (full quote)
5541 1) I'll be back in five or six days... 2)You'll be back in five or six pieces! (full quote)
5541 1) I hope I'm not making the same mistakes all over again... 2) No...your making all new ones... (full quote)
  and they cut you from the gymnastics team? (full quote)
4066 1.You know, I have made a career out of waiting for you to show up. 2.You know, she does have a pretty good-- 3.It's so important to your future that you don't finish that sentence. (full quote)
5473 Don't worry m not making the same mistakes again No No you are making all new ones! (full quote)
5473 John there's another Island with dinosaurs and no fences this time and you want to send people in? A very few people on the ground! (full quote)
5473 Do you have a problem? Well I found you didn't I? (full quote)
5473 what does that mean? The 5 Deaths! (full quote)
5473 That's not the problem, what is the problem? Volociraptors! (full quote)
5473 How many Sarah's do you think are on this island? (full quote)
5473 You would be dead before you even realised you had an accident! (full quote)
5473 Follow the screams! (full quote)
5473 what the hell is that? (full quote)
5473 You're that Earth first bastard (full quote)
5473 I believe I have spent enough time in the company of death (full quote)
5473 You'll be back in 5 or 6 pieces! (full quote)
5473 I am not afraid of this place and you are Of course I am that's the whole point! (full quote)
5473 Now you're John Hammond! (full quote)
5473 That's the last time I leave you in charge! (full quote)
5473 where's the crew - All over the place (full quote)
5473 There's a Dinosaur in our back yard!!!!!!! (full quote)
5473 Mummy's very angry! (full quote)
  Mommy's Very Angry (full quote)
12153 (1)did you find him? (2)only the parts they didn't like. (full quote)
12153 (1)sarah! sarah! (2)sarah harding!! (1)how many sarahs you think are on this island? (full quote)
MovieManiacX 1)I feel like we're goin' on a wild goose chase! 2)Yeah, well this is the only place where the geese chase you!! (full quote)
  Ohhh...ahhh...thats how it always starts. Then later, theres running...and screaming. (full quote)
28503 Yes then comes the running and the screaming. (full quote)
  -John thought this would happen. That’s why he set up a Plan B. -what’s Plan B? -(loads gun barrel with a loud click) Me. (full quote)
  Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas (full quote)
35138 Violence and technology...not-good-bad-fellow. (full quote)
  Mom, Dad, there is a Dinosaur in our backyard. (full quote)
  This is no longer a research expedition, this is a rescue mission and it starts right now. (full quote)
christ Mommy's very angry. (full quote)
kd8ayk man1:Is there an antidote? man2:what, like if you shot yourself in the foot? Don't do that, you would be dead before you even knew you had an accident. (full quote)
Marvin Acme Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in a the long, sad history of bad ideas. (full quote)
christ Nick: Sarah harding! Malcolm: How many Sarah's do you think are on this island? (full quote)
christ We should have stayed in the damn car. (full quote)
miannone [After his daughter does a complicated gymnastics move]. Ian: The school cut you from the team? (full quote)