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Money Talks - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4331 (said to a guard while getting off a prison bus) hey man let me borrow your gun (full quote)
  you can cut the hair, but the earring stays cuz I am a playA (full quote)
7900 your phat, Pretty Hot And Tempting (full quote)
7815 YOU JUST MAD 'CAUSE I LOOK good IN YO' SHIT (full quote)
  you are PHAT. P-H-A-T. Pretty Hot And Tempting. (full quote)
7869 You lucky to have such a phat ass wife! (full quote)
  They want a dope ride, Oh no we dont do drugs in this family (full quote)
13315 James-Now whatever you do, dont comment on my fiance's weight, she is very sensitive. Franklin-Wow, you're PHAT! Grace-wha???? Franklin-PHAT! P-H-A-T! Pretty Hot And Tempting! I am stunned by your PHATness! (full quote)
13315 CARMINE!!!!!! what up carmine!!!!!!! I got your calls, when you called, everytime you called....they stole my phone, someone stole my gotdamn phone, do you believe that sh*t? (full quote)
13315 This is Mike from Michigan, 'member me? Yeh, there's a bomb in the buildin! There's a gotdamn bomb in the buildin and its funna blow, you betta get yo ass out right now!!!!!! (full quote)
13315 I need 2 on the floor.......I NEED 200 DOLLARS......SAME TIME MAN I DONT KNOW YOU.....SAME TIME! (full quote)
13315 You're Vic Damone's kid, and Diane Carroll's kid, so you're half.....and half Italian.... (full quote)
13315 guns dont kill people, stupid motherf*ckers with guns kill people. (full quote)
  Hey, paisan! (full quote)
  1) Oh, I get it! So, you're Dihane Carroll's kid, and Vic Damone's kid. So, you're half...and half Italian! 2) Hey, paisan! (full quote)
  I'll hook up the hair, but I ain't touchin' the earing cause im still a playA! (full quote)
  1) James had all the women back in high school. 2) Yeah all the women all the men, I fucked em' all. (full quote)
Magpie Well imagine that...'Cause I got G-dog on the fly tip, flossin' with the posse, cuttin' in the crib...WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?!!?!?!? (full quote)
  They call me Snap and Pop, cause I will Snap and I will Pop your ass in the you better start playing with me. (full quote)
  I just do what i gotta go when i gotta do it. (full quote)
  They call me snap and pop, cuz I will snap, and pop you in yo mouth! (full quote)
  Guns don't kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people. (full quote)
  you dont know who u messin with. im DEEP in the streets. i slap people for fun. THATS what I DO MENG. U WANNA PLAY ROUGH? HUH? OK ? watch who u messin with (full quote)
  they call me snap and pop ..cuz i will SNAP and i will pop yo ass in the mouth! (full quote)
  i will slap the hell outta u man, i dont even know when i onna slap reactions just slap people .. i be like... damn why did i do that.. and then i slap u . i dont know whn im onna slap someone..u dont know who u messin with. u better watch ya back man even in the shower.. eatin' at ya back... make a right! (full quote)
  Yuppy white BOY! This tub better be clean! (full quote)
  F: BELEIVE IN ME!! (full quote)
  F: Don't cut off my nuts...I need my nuts.... (full quote)
  I kill for fun (full quote)
10929 where are my diamonds?!!! (full quote)
10929 Don't worry, he won't get far. (full quote)