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Mouse Hunt - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4444 Get me my Gouda (full quote)
  Hasta lavista you little rat bastard! (full quote)
6577 A world without string would be chaos. (full quote)
11413 He's like Hitler with a tail (full quote)
Star A world without string is chaos. (full quote)
Star 2) I thought they liked cheese! 2) Not in the morning, they like fruit for energy. (full quote)
Star 1) I thought they liked cheese! 2) Not in the morning, they need fruit for energy. (full quote)
Star Well, the Paul McCharnell House went for 6, but that was ten years ago, and it didn't have this exquisite molding. (full quote)
Simplifiable A world without string is chaos. (full quote)
  It's just a mouse. Hey there are some toasters up here. (full quote)
  classical yet non-traditional. (full quote)
  They threw in a cardboard lady, just to sweeten the deal. (full quote)
  Ernie: NOW YOU KNOW, THIS HOUSE WILL LAST FOREVER!!! [The house tumbles down] (full quote)
  Lars: Ernie, we are not suppose to run it, we're suppose to run here, together! Ernie: Either way, this god-for-saken museum piece is not worth a dime, is it, Lars? Lars: Something's are more impotant than money, Ernie. (full quote)
  Ceasar [christopher walken]: you've got an asbestos problem. it shouldn't take more than a DAY.. or two.. for me to fix it (full quote)