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Nightwatch - 1998 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
9499 you interested in 9 inches?....yeah, but i'm not interested in fucking you three times to get it. (full quote)
9499 Christ I almost shit myself!!! (full quote)
  Are you sure we weren't having sex? (full quote)
12554 Welcome to Mars. (full quote)
12554 The problem is he's under medicated. (full quote)
12554 your a fucking nutcase! That's Mr. Fucking nutcase to you. (full quote)
12554 Have you ever been killed before? (full quote)
12554 Deputy Inspector Bill told you? That's highly unorthodox. (full quote)
12554 Nothing cures fantasy like a quick dose of reality. (full quote)
12554 Let's grow old together. Yeah, let's get older. There's a challenge. (full quote)
  I've interviewed murderers like this before, and let me tell you something, they are well beyond the need to justify what they do. (full quote)
  Deputy Inspector Bill told you? That's highly unorthodox. (full quote)
leoanp Got a radio? Get a radio. (full quote)