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Picture Perfect - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
5033 Do you bunny hop? (full quote)
5033 Whoa big mustard right behind you! (full quote)
9193 Your always gonna be that guy that wishes he ordered what the guy next to him did (full quote)
9193 A diaphram a spunge and a rubber.good night Mom (full quote)
9193 Shit,Shit,Shit. Sorry miss (full quote)
  I'm looking into getting some eggs frozen. Great, I can tell everyone I'm having a grandsicle! (full quote)
  A t-shirt, boxer shorts, and a smile. (full quote)
12153 I like men, men like me...but then somewhere in the last year or so, I've just gotten so screwed up. (full quote)
12153 Kate: This is my Nick. Sam: I'm her Sam. (full quote)
12153 Rita: I want a grandchild. Kate: Well, Ma, you'll be happy to know that I am looking into having some eggs frozen. Rita: Wonderful. I can tell everyone I'm having a grandsicle. (full quote)
12153 I've been married since birth. (full quote)
12153 You dress for the job you want, not the one you have. (full quote)
12153 You're in advertising, Kate. I didn't lie; I sold. (full quote)
12153 I was so excited I could barely keep my legs together. (full quote)
12153 We had sex mommy! The really dirty kind! (full quote)
12153 I can be a bad girl for you Sam. (full quote)
22367 Is that the official change of subject that just went by? (full quote)
  Thanks for that, what you did, there. (full quote)
applechunks We had sex mommy, the really dirty kind (full quote)
46065 You know what, you're just always gonna be that guy in ther restaurant, who orders his food and as soon as it turns up you want what they guy on the next table's having (full quote)
46065 Im sorry but I just want to xerox my resume before all this healthy rage wears off (full quote)
  You're auditioning for Audrey Hepburn (full quote)