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Scarlet Tunic, The - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  As well as selling in most countries, and making the top 25 chart of British movies at the UK box office in both 1997 and 1998, it was critically acclaimed. ‘No 6 Critics Choice’ TIME OUT, June 10-17 1998 with the ‘Preview’ article on Stuart St Paul. ‘Most gratifyingly, his [St Paul’s] direction has none of the self-conscious flashiness of a ‘calling card’ movie, and serves the story rather than his own ego. Never balking at the melodramatic elements of Hardy’s fatalistic vision, this small scale tale of doomed love is told with clarity, passion and a keen eye for the beauty of the Dorset countryside ... this more than justifies its place on the big screen ..’ - Nigel Floyd. ‘Best British Film since The Full Monty’ ­ Caroline Sutton, Sunday Mirror, 23rd November 1997. ‘Tastefully done’ ­ Mariella Frostrup, News of the World, 14th June 1998. ‘St Paul marshals the various elements with much skill St Paul is deserving of much praise.. His film deserves to be seen.’ ­ Anwar Brett, Film Review, July 1998 ‘You’re not in for the usual worthy-but-dull historical saga because there¹s something extra in this film, and that¹s real passion.’ ­ Jeff Peacock, Coming Up ‘…orchestrated with irresistible poignancy.’ – Matthew Sweet, Sunday Telegraph. The FUJIFILM film industry magazine Exposure ­ ‘With a diverse group of influences working on him, St Paul has a unique insight into the business … That it looks so good, on such a tight schedule and small budget is remarkable’. (full quote)