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Shooting Fish - 1997 Movie Quotes

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4301 Thin fish (full quote)
7074 -Can you fix toasters? -No, but he can tell you how they were feeling when they broke down. (full quote)
7074 The only evidence of a break-in is that someone stopped your video recording Blind Date. (full quote)
12153 Dylan: We're about to become the proud possessors of 2 million quid in useless notes because the queen doesn't like her picture. Jesus Christ, it's self self self for some people! (full quote)
12153 Dylan : Would you allow me the pleasure of taking you to the theatre on Saturday night? Georgie : Do you ask all your secretaries to go to the theatre with you on their first date? Dylan : Actually, it's something of a tradition. Yes, I do. Georgie : Oh. Well, who am I to deprive an American of what little tradition he can get? (full quote)
12153 It's kind of a compulsion with him. He has to exchange fluids with everyone he meets. That's why we never have pets. (full quote)
12153 Dylan's completely trustworthy. He's just a bit unreliable in some areas. (full quote)
12153 I feel like Wedding-Day Barbie. I couldn't be happier. (full quote)