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Sixth Man, The - 1997 Movie Quotes

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  Ziggy what the hell are you doing you nevre shoot the three, you never shoot the three!! (full quote)
  (in bathroom,man overhears Kenny talking as he pisses) Kenny: I can't have you always poppin' up to play! Man: I have that same problem Kenny: Oh, trust me, my problem's a lot bigger than yours. (full quote)
  But Coach, I got the bad crap! (full quote)
  Yeah, so this one time my mom was tryin' to be thrifty, so she went to K-Mart and bought us these cheap-ass shoes. (full quote)
12076 1)I'm trying to keep a low profile. 2)A low profile? Negro, you invisible. How much more of a low profile can you get? (full quote)
  Man, I don't wanna be hearin' 'bout yo' perky nipples! (full quote)
  good movie ziggy ur stupid (full quote)
  What? Dialing the phone cramp your shooting hand? (full quote)
  I'm gonna' call Ghostbusters on your ass! (full quote)
  or better yet lets go down to the cemetary and see if i can get laid... i need some action! (full quote)
  look Kenny, dead people usually don't take showers. .. and how many dead people do you kno? (full quote)
  what who are you? 7' and you can't touch the rim!... at least im 7'! (full quote)