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Soul Food - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
7869 Who is that hoochie-mama with her fat ass all over my husband? This is my wedding day I'm suppose to be happy! (full quote)
12136 Now you two just cut out all that hoosier jawing! You all do this every Sunday! (full quote)
12136 I let the family in my house and you know what, the Family fucked my husband (full quote)
12136 1) You know I am a really good cook! 2) Corn-bread! (full quote)
  Oh fuck the family you know the family I had the family fucked my husband that right Faith fucked my husband. (full quote)
  If you let the bad things stop you, you'll never be there for the good things. (full quote)
  Five fingers pointing the blame don't amount to nothin. But together they make a mighty fist which can strike a mighty blow. (full quote)