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Slappy and the Stinkers - 1998 Movie Quotes

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6631 Sonny: Loaf, heave it back at 'em! Domino: No! That's just what they want. Witz: Yeah and they'll tell Mr. Brimway and we'll all get expelled! Sonny: Well, we just can't sit here and take this! We gotta do something! Lucy: How about we go and beat the crap out of 'em? Witz: Sonny, tell her no!(Watches as Loaf puts the sandwich in his mouth, chews it, and sticks it back out.) Uhh, does anybody else feel like throwing up? Domino: Don't blow chunks on me! (full quote)
6631 Loaf: Uhh, can I get up now? My face is in his butt! Sonny: No keep it there. Don't move. (full quote)
6631 Domino:(Talking about Slappy's home.) He could die in there. Witz:(As Slappy passes gas) Yeah, right, he can fart himself to death! (full quote)
6631 Loaf: Why do I always get stuck with the butt? Domino: 'Cause you don't MOVE fast enough! (full quote)
6631 Witz, run like The Fugitive! (full quote)
6631 Lucy: Witz, you're gonna be the first kid to fly in a desk chair! Witz: Did you say DIE in a desk chair?!? (full quote)
6631 That guy's like a...blind terminator!! (full quote)
  witz:hey look at that mr brimway runs just like scooby-doo (full quote)