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That Old Feeling - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
9680 I'm anulling your ass (full quote)
14092 Rowena:what are you doing here? Keith:dont you remember? Rowena:i certainly wish i didnt. Keith:you got what u wanted. Rowena:how dare you!Rowena: your the one who lunched.Keith:you smoldered it was the last entusiam you showed for anything i might add.Rowena: well i was hardly inspired. Keith: i told you i have to be on the bottom i have a bad back. Rowena: among other things. Keith: just stop it i dont care what i think or what you think . this didnt happen i am a newlyweed.Rowena:well shes certainly in for a treat (full quote)
23990 I hate you! You're a big, hairy brute! (full quote)
23990 1- If you were half a man! 2- I AM half a man! 1- The WRONG half! (full quote)
23990 Who got you electrolysis? You'd have one big eyebrow if it weren't for me! (full quote)
23990 HEY! where YOU GOIN'? WE'RE THROWING FRUIT UP HERE! (full quote)
23990 Dogs!! I need dogs!!! (full quote)
23990 Do you want mommy to take you to the airport in her big, vulgar limo? (full quote)
23990 No, I want you. (full quote)
23990 Enjoy your life as a photographer's assistant! Crazy liberals! (full quote)
  Do you remember my reoccuring dream where the dogs are knawing at my genitals, now I realise that the dogs represent Danny and my genitals represent ..... my genitals. (full quote)
  You've had plugs you vain son of a bitch !!! (full quote)
  Crazy liberals! (full quote)
10929 Yeah, you were faithful like a Kennedy was faithful! (full quote)
bananarama Hard Boiled! Hard Boiled! I'd like to hard boil your balls! (full quote)
bananarama 1) hey it's either a cockroach or a bloodhound it can't be both. 2) a mixed metaphor is the least of your problems my friend. (full quote)
bananarama oh the Yale club. is that a place where people go when they realize no one gives a shit where they went to school? (full quote)
bananarama do you know how lucky I am that someone normal wanted to marry me? (full quote)
bananarama 1) Well he'll want to talk about it. 2) that's it just talk? 1) days and nights of talking, marathon talking, about how and why we can build from a new foundation; I'll probably go nuts. (full quote)