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Celebrity - 1998 Movie Quotes

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7016 My body belongs to my husband. what I do from the neck up - that's a different story. (full quote)
6814 (lady) I watch your exercise tapes all the time (man) Me too (lady) Yes, but I actually use them to exercise. (full quote)
8563 You think I've led a religious life? I've had two divorces and two abortions. (full quote)
7016 Now I know why you get the big bucks - becuase you make me look so great. (full quote)
8563 You're going to send out those truffles to the President, right? (full quote)
8563 You could not imagine the amount of crap I get sent. (full quote)
8563 If you could, let's not dwell on the business. (full quote)
8563 where were you when we were making love? (full quote)
8563 I would dream about being in a movie with Warren Beatty. (full quote)
8563 Who do you think is more popular - the Pope or Elvis Presley? (full quote)
  I'll sue this whole rat-trap, fleabag, cockroach fucking motel. (full quote)
10929 You can learn a lot about a society by who it chooses to celebrate. (full quote)
10929 He's in New York filming an adaptation of sequel of a remake. (full quote)