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Brokedown Palace - 1999 Movie Quotes

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4318 If I say I did it, you'd hate me. If I say I was lying, you couldn't go home and be happy. Let's just say I did the right thing. (full quote)
  Even if we did find a way to pay him, he can't do dick in this shithole country. (full quote)
  1)Go on, Alice. Say it for old times sake. 2)I DIDN'T DO IT! (full quote)
  hank the wank! (full quote)
8793 Can I make a wish? (full quote)
  We heard they wouldn't let you have hardly anything in here, so we got you both a bra, their padded, a little push-up in the padding. (full quote)
24266 Cause thats all freedom is ... an illusion. Like those birds in the market you think you are setting free, when the whole time they're trained to fly right back to their cages. (full quote)
24266 So here we are, just two more drug smugglers....... (full quote)
  ALICE: I know a lot of people won't understand why I said I did it. But for me it was the right thing to do, maybe more right than anything I have ever done beofore. And I know Darlene and Hank will never stop trying, until I'm out of here, until I'm free. (full quote)