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In Dreams - 1999 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4904 my daddy was a dollar, he wrote it on a fence (full quote)
4904 the carleton hotel, room 401! (full quote)
12076 My daddy was a dollar, I wrote it on a fence. My daddy was a dollar, not worth a hundred cents. (full quote)
12076 I'm so sorry sorry sorry. (full quote)
13140 Sweet dreams, Vivian. (full quote)
13140 1.if you could have one wish daddy, what would it be?2.that i didn't need one. (full quote)
  1. I thought I was supposed to die in the lake! 2. Maybe you should develop a limp! (full quote)
Vividread It had been a long day and things didn't turn out the way...i thought they would. (full quote)
Vividread Oh, and now here's the hostage stuff! i told ya so! (full quote)
Vividread But i really went out of my way to bring you here! (full quote)
Vividread Mom...something's caught my hurts real bad-*RUBY where THE FUCK ARE YOU?! (full quote)
  That's the thing about dreams. They're always right, and always wrong. (full quote) (full quote)
  ...I can live with this too. (full quote)