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Kissing a Fool - 1998 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3225 That chain smoking bitch! (full quote)
bacher Do you have money? It's great. I do. (full quote)
  This is an Australian chewing stick! See college boy, I know other countries in Europe! (full quote)
  true love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does (full quote)
10118 you know what? you're a dick, alright! fuckin ass, fuck you! (full quote)
12153 Sam: How do you feel? Jay: Like ten bucks. (full quote)
12153 (1) So the $64,000 question is, how do you know beforehand that you're with the wrong person so you can avoid having them wreak havoc on a large portion of your life? (2) I don't think you do know until you meet the right person, 'cause then you just... you just... you just feel something that you know you've never felt before. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut How do you feel? P2: Like ten bucks. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut This is not a toothpick. This is an Australian chewing stick. See college boy, I know other countries in Europe. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut The $64,000 question is: how do you know beforehand that you're with the wrong person so you can avoid letting them wreak havoc on a large portion of your life? (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut what up, Chicago?! (full quote)
16740 Don't you leave me you fuck'n FagGOT! (full quote)
16740 Sam: Did you love her? Jay: I don't know. We were mostly stoned and it was hard to tell what was real and what was manufactured on getting the other one bring over the pot. (full quote)
  **punch in the arm**Say hi. (full quote)
  Did I mention this is a convertable?! (full quote)
  Really? 'Cuz you suuuuuuucked. (full quote)
  Really? 'Cuz you suuuuuuucked. (full quote)
bacher Don't be afraid to hit that drum, a little enthusiam never hurt anyone. (full quote)
bacher When you're buying literature for your best friend - Books on tape! (full quote)
bacher He's so talented and sensitive. Did you notice that? How talented and sensitive Jay is? (full quote)
bacher what Uuuuuuu ... uuuh. (full quote)
  You remember sex? vaguely. (full quote)
  Natasha: Pull my hair Jay: I'm not going to pull your hair.... Natasha: PULL IT! (full quote)
  Natasha: This is Rudolpho Jay: You're kidding - right? (full quote)
  Jay: Those were not RECORDS, they're radio specials! Max: Uhhhh-kay! (full quote)
  Sam: Jay, meet my little cousin Andrea.... - Andrea: I LIKE Dre! (full quote)
  Dre: This garlic bread is GREEEAAT! (full quote)
  Jay: No one could do it....OK, Stephen King could do it but no one else! (full quote)
  Yeah, I don't think that dating Windy Weathers is a real attention grabber...and what does he go by now, is it Wind or Gust or....? (full quote)
  MAX; i was like who am i, what am i doing here, and what is UP with the cubs?!?! (full quote)
  oh, you know, like that thing we do with the pigs... (full quote)
  jay: hmmm, so, what did you kids talk about? max: well, to be honest, i have no idea...i mean we have nothing in common and i mean NOTHING. she hates sports, i hate books...she's travelled all over the world; the only time i've been out of the country is when the soxs played in tijuana....i think i love her! (full quote)
  Well, I'm thinking what with this cramped up office feel, is this really the way to go? Perhaps we could work from the comfort of our own respective spaces, your office, my apartment, and just communicate via phone and fax. (full quote)
  Jay: O.k. What's with the obscene phone calls? (Enter Max's whole story)...this is a joke right? Sam's going to pop in here any moment and come up with some story about how you have a detachable penis or something....o.k. well i have to go now, i have to get some more pages to your sex crazed fiance.... (full quote)
  Max: (beep beep) - Traded in the Benz! ....Jay:....yeah, i can see that, but what i can't see...are movers?!? (full quote)
  Max: when's she leaving? Dre: not till labor day, get used to it.... Sam: Uh, Where are you going? Dre: The mooooviiieees! Sam: Well, Don't have her home too late! Max: it's twelve noon! Dre: Bye Jay! Max: Hey, I'd like a goodbye you brat - - - - I'm in good with the family, you know? (full quote)
  Jay: I've SEEN the heroin look Max, GIVE ME THE MAGAZINE...why won't you give it to me? Max: because - it will - upset're ripping're ripping it....LET GO of the Magazine (full quote)
  Max, laws of a civilized society still apply here, you can look - you just can't touch.... (full quote)
  sam: max, will you go to italy with me? max: baby, i'd go anywhere with you, but just so you know, they've got GREAT PIZZA right here in chicago, right jay?! jay: yeah, GREAT pizza here in CHica.... (full quote)
  Sam and Jay: Il- AL - AL - Il - El - Al Gelati! Max: What - - are you guys, doing? Sam and Jay: was that all it was called? Yeah, i think i had a more romantic recollection myself. (full quote)
  Max: are these the rents? Sam: the what? Max: your parents? Sam: those are my parents! Max: uh huh. well, maybe i should have checked out the gene pool before we moved in together....Is that a mole on your mother's face? (full quote)
  Sam: Does Max have any psychological problems i should know about?.....Well, at first he was telling me how great i was, and now all of a sudden he's telling me how great you are....I think Max thinks we should be together....! Jay: FOUR SHOTS - VODKA! (full quote)
  Sam: Jay, what are you doing? you look awful! Jay: i'm just taking a walk. Sam: in slacks? Jay: yeah, i'm just doing that morning walk slash jog thing... (full quote)
  Cliff: LINDA! you look great! Linda: well, (haha) i showered...uh, do i know you? Cliff: no - i'm crashing - who's wedding is this anyway? - so, I had the caterer move us, we're going to be sitting together! well this is a great place you have here, yup yup, great place and really nice of you to let the kids have it for the affair....! Cliff's fiance: oh my god, LIN, how did they LAND your house exactly...? (full quote)
  jay, there were cameras.....! it's going to take a fucking month to get back in there now.... (full quote)
10929 In some bizarre circles, you are a celebrity. (full quote)
zee True love can't be found to where it does not truly exist. Nor can it be hidden where it truly does. (full quote)