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Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence - 1998 Movie Quotes

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11029 FRANK: Now answer me a question. Is that the behavior of a friend? Because I tell you - the only reason he was interested is because I was interested! ....... You wanna know the truth? I HATE HIM! I hate him, he hates me! We hate each other with the kind of commitment we only get from childhood friends. The next time I see him I'm gonna break his nose! Break his nose and then break his fucking jaw! JESUS CHRIST!!! (full quote)
11029 Martha: I'm Martha, by the way. Frank: I know --- (laugh) --- yeah -- you're Martha, you're American, and you're looking for someone that you think -- that you KNOW you're in love with. Because you feel it right here, don't you? Martha: Like a thunderbolt! Frank: A thunderbolt? Right! what does that feel like, for my education? what does that feel like, being struck by a thunderbolt? (full quote)
11029 Frank: Where is this one in 10 million now? You've forgotten all about him haven't you? Martha: That's not true! Frank: Yes it is. You were sitting there thinking, this man is OK! He's better than I thought. In fact most people are attracted to just about everybody. This perfect partner bollocks is just a physycal and chemical impossibility. Do you know why? Martha: Why? Frank: My perfect partner is me. Martha: YOU? Frank: Me - with breasts! The perfect relationship. We would like the same food, we'd like the same music, the sex would be great! (full quote)
29964 The next time i see him i'm going break his nose, break his nose and break his fucking jaw (full quote)
29964 This is how women feel when they give birth (full quote)
29964 1) Daniel with the matching bags 2) does it say that on the card 1) no (full quote)
29964 1) Champagne for two at Midnight 2) [face turns from a smurk to shock] for two? (full quote)
10929 I only want to be with you. (full quote)