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Price Above Rubies, A - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  I WAS IN THIS MOVIE! (full quote)
  I WAS IN THIS MOVIE! (full quote)
crowecat 1 - You have a soul! 2 - Maybe I do, but if I do, it wasn't God who gave it to me. (full quote)
crowecat There's nobody here but you. Who are you hiding from? (full quote)
crowecat If we all wrote down our sins, my father said, we'd be more careful about committing them. (full quote)
crowecat Beauty has good things in it, but it can also be terrible. (full quote)
crowecat Sometimes I look at men and wonder how God could have created so ugly a creature for women to cling to. Men are ugly! (full quote)
crowecat I'm not paying anymore. (full quote)
crowecat Walls got to be broke down so you can see what they've been hiding inside all along. (full quote)
crowecat If you don't like the way I look, then look at your shoes. Stick your nose in a book. It's your problem, not mine. (full quote)
crowecat One of us here is completely insane and I think it's you. But you're gonna have company real soon if I have to listen to one more word of this mesnugas. (full quote)
crowecat The Talmud teaches a man to love his wife, and I try, God knows I try. But for a man it's supposed to be different. It's supposed to be a mitzvah, a holy act. And I'm supposed to think exalted thoughts in order to sanctify it. (full quote)
crowecat 1- He's not hungry. 2 - Are you his mother? No. So how do you know he's not hungry? (full quote)
crowecat Modesty is becoming unless it's false. (full quote)
crowecat If the desire to hear your soul is strong enough, you'll find the words. (full quote)
crowecat Well, I don't even know where my body ends and my soul begins. (full quote)
crowecat I felt, um, ever since I was a very young girl, like there was a fire...inside me. It used to be nice. Kept me warm. But it's been getting hotter. makes my stomach burn and my nerves and my skin....I can hardly put on a shirt. I can't even breast feed my child. It's too hot! Everything is too hot. (full quote)
crowecat Every touch burns me. I have no soul! (full quote)
10929 It's the quality of our sins which sets us apart. (full quote)