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Tea with Mussolini - 1999 Movie Quotes

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7016 Since Mussolini, we can't get enough of Italy. (full quote)
7016 Americans simply don't understand picnics. (full quote)
7016 your lady Hester seems a formidable old battle-axe. (full quote)
8563 We live in an age of great dictators. (full quote)
8563 what I can't get over is that he's too cheap to slip a poor girl a little Picasso. (full quote)
8563 Florence isn't just shiny cars and ice creams as little boys think. It's the human form divine. The body beautiful. And you - yes, you - could be part of that world and make to create. To live as those old artists did, Luka, is to share a part in the divine plan. (full quote)
8563 He wanted a private performance. (full quote)
8563 Mary seems to have a child with her. (full quote)
8563 There are no illegitimate children in this world, only illegitimate parents. (full quote)
10929 The Germans and the Italians couldn't get rid of us. There is absolutely no reason why we should surrender to the Scots. (full quote)
10929 A story of civilized disobedience. (full quote)