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Titan A.E. - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3378 I weep for the species. (full quote)
3378 I put a button on it, yes. I wish to press it, but I'm not sure what will happen if I do. (full quote)
3378 Does this look familiar? Do you know what it is? Neither do I. I made it last night in my sleep. (full quote)
3378 Fight the good fight precious. (full quote)
3378 I'm a weapons expert not a mechanic! (full quote)
  Is it dead? Can we eat it? (full quote)
EndersJane If I don't like the way things are going I'll show you how much like my father I am. I'll leave. (full quote)
3378 Sorry kid. World blowing up changes a man. (full quote)
3378 1) And keep the engines hot. 2) Oh, yes. They'll be nice and toasty. (full quote)
3378 I am educated and well-read! I am not a mechanic! I have my pride! (full quote)
3378 Do you mind? Are we through pawing? This is the Valkyrie, not a singles bar. (full quote)
3378 Well. I'll tell you somethin' about your famous future. Every day I wake up, it's still the present. The same grimy, boring present. I don't think this future thing exists. (full quote)
7560 If you're going to hunt humans, then there's something you should know about us: we travel in packs. (full quote)
7560 Just out of curiosity: do we have a plan B? (full quote)
7560 The least they could do is kill my food before I eat it. (full quote)
11950 1) What are you going to call your planet? 2) I'm going to call it Bob. (full quote)
14224 That's a negative, captain. I think we've fallen in with a very bad crowd. (full quote)
15518 An intelligent guard. Never saw that one coming. (full quote)
19580 Well, let's quit running our collective mouths and go get him! (full quote)
19580 Well, if it isn't the captain! what kept you? (full quote)
19580 Well, look what I found! Two little birdies, itching to fly! (full quote)
19580 1) How fast? 2) I'd say recklessly fast! (full quote)
19580 I'm all right for business! (full quote)
19580 My scanners are picking up a veritable, cornicopia of nothing! (full quote)
  Jim Breurer- ouuu... bullseye! (full quote)
  Should I get out and push? (full quote)
  Preed, I will kill you okay? I WILL KILL YOU! (full quote)
  Fight the good fight precious. (full quote)
  But maybe I've been wrong all these years, and it took your inspiring speech to make me see it. You've really changed me. It- it's beautiful. Hey, I think we've got to hug. (full quote)
  Aliens don't dream. 2) They don't bath much either! (full quote)
  Who's your daddy?! Gone's your daddy! (full quote)