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Ronin - 1998 Movie Quotes

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5894 1. Are you scared? 2. Of corse I'm scared, you think im reluctant because I'm happy? (full quote)
  You ever kill anyone? No, but I hurt someone's feelings once. (full quote)
  That was my understandin (full quote)
  It's a simple diagram. DRAW IT AGAIN. (full quote)
  When there is doubt, there is no doubt (full quote)
12774 You're great in the lockerroom pal, and your reflexes might die hard, but you're weak when you put your spikes on. (full quote)
  I dont walk into a place i dont know how to walk out of. (full quote)
  Either you're part of the problem or you're part of the solution or you're just part of the landscape (full quote)
  Sam: Whenever there is no doubt, there's doubt. That's the first thing they teach you. Vincent: Who taught you? Sam: I don't remember. That's the second thing they teach you. (full quote)
  All good things come to those who wait. (full quote)
10929 --So, are you labour or management? --If I were management, I would not offer you a cigarette. (full quote)
10929 I never walk into a place I don't know how to walk out of. (full quote)
10929 --You ever kill anybody? --I hurt somebody's feelings once. (full quote)
10929 --Can't we do something? --We are doing something. We're sitting here waiting. (full quote)
10929 No questions. No answers. That's the job we've chosen. You just accept it and move on. (full quote)
10929 --What do you want for Christmas? --My two front teeth. (full quote)
  1)today the world is so.... 2)unsecure. I'll show you how insecure it is.. (full quote)
  1)whats in the case? 2)Something we're paying you for (full quote)
  1)I need an Audi S-8 2)Yoy will have it in the afternoon (full quote)
  1)Some of the stuff is very technicall 2)If it is in Paris I'll get it (full quote)
  Deirdre:I suggest that you forget us, because we will not (full quote)
  1):so... what WAS in the case? 2)I forgot (full quote)
  Dont you understand?, I never left (full quote)
  what colour is the boat house at Hereford? (full quote)
  The 47 Ronin. Do you know this story? (full quote)
  All 47 of them committed seppuku. (full quote)
  Bearded man: 'what are you? A man without a master.' Sam: 'Right now I am a man without a salary.' (full quote)
  Vincent: 'He didn't have time to have it made.... The Russians made it! We find the Russians, we find Gregor.' (full quote)
  Gregor: 'Hello Mikhi.' Mikhi: 'The meeting is not untill later tonight.' Gregor: 'No, the meeting is now.' (full quote)
  Sam: 'I didn't come for the case. I came for your boss, for Seamus. I never left, you get it?' (full quote)
  Seamus: 'You stupid shite. You're a dead man.' (full quote)
  Vincent: 'what was in the case?' Sam: 'I don't remember.' (full quote)
  Vincent: 'No questions, no answers, that's the business. You accept it and move on. Maybe that's lesson number three.' (full quote)
10929 Anyone is an enemy for a price. (full quote)
10929 All good things come to those who wait. (full quote)
10929 Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt. (full quote)