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Analyze This - 1999 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4538 I go fag, you die. (full quote)
uglystars What is my goal here, to make you a happy, well-adjusted gangster? (full quote)
uglystars 1. what kind of sandwich ain't too fattening? 2. A half a sandwich. (full quote)
uglystars call the Vatican. See if something is missing. (full quote)
uglystars 1. You flew all the way to Miami because you were unable to have an erection? You know you can take a pill for that. 2. Nah, a pill's cheating. You start with that, the next thing you know you're installing a whole hydraulic system down there. A hard-on should be achieved naturally or not at all. (full quote)
uglystars 1. You did nothing for me! You did nothing! I'm still fucked up! 2. Hey, what do you expect? I saw you for five minutes! I can't work miracles, Mr. Viti! And let me tell you something, I do not appreciate it when someone wakes me up and drags me out of my hotel room in the middle of the night. I have a life, Mr. Viti, I have a family, I have a serious practice, and I don't have time for your BULLSHIT! ...That kind of got away from me at the end. (full quote)
uglystars 1. You thought about killing me?! 2. I felt really conflicted about it. (full quote)
uglystars She kisses my kids with that mouth! (full quote)
uglystars 1. Oedipus was a Greek king who killed his father and married his mother. 2. Fuckin' Greeks. (full quote)
uglystars 1. Times are changing. You've got to change with the times. 2. what, am I supposed to get a fuckin' website? (full quote)
uglystars 1. You know me? 2. Yes. 1. No you don't. 2. Okay. 1. You see my picture in the paper? 2. Yes. 1. No you didn't. 2. I don't even get the paper. (full quote)
5267 That's fucking weird. (full quote)
5267 Dad has a patient who dreams he shits trout. (full quote)
5267 I know that's the word on the street. Barnes is okay but that Noble is a vindictive prick. (full quote)
5267 I can feel the juice rushing back to my balls as we speak. (full quote)
5553 I hear no all the time it's just more like, no, please, no. (full quote)
6126 Here's my impression of you. Please, help me, I'm in pain. Ok, Paul, I'll help you. Fuck you! Nobody helps Paul Vidi! (full quote)
digger Man 1: He had a business card and everything? Man 2: He had a business card? Whoa. There's a real fuckin' acheivment. (full quote)
7319 aka the fucking doctor (full quote)
5473 Who gives a shit get a fucking life! (full quote)
8851 Anger is a blocked wish (full quote)
  i can't have an intelligent conversation with this guuuyyya (full quote)
  Some of you mite now me as benny the groin, sammy the shnoz, uuaahh elma da fudd, tubby the tuba, and i am known by the people who know me the best as the fuckin doctor (full quote)
  Paul Viti: Hey, but if I talk to you, and you turn me into a fag, i'll kil you. Doctor: Could we define fag please? Paul Viti: No. I go fag, you die. (full quote)
12076 1)don't tell anyone about it. 2) should i take it off the internet? (full quote)
12153 (1)god bless you, you've got a fuckin' gift. (2)no, i dont. (1)yes you do! (2)i really don't. (1)yes you do! (full quote)
12076 got a gift my friend. you saw there was something I was trying to do there, that's why you are who you are. (full quote)
14911 just threw him out of the what are you gonna do? - Write a note. - Write a note? What are you gonna put on it? I couldn't take it anymore, signed The Dead Guy? - Yeah, that's a great one, use that (full quote)
  Get away from the car, you wanna be a fucking a ribie, get away from the car! (full quote)
  good times and noodle salad (full quote)
21100 1.You don't hear the word 'no' very often, do you? 2.Yeah I do, but it's more like 'no, please, no, no, please!' (full quote)
  let me guess what it says life bullshit i cant take it anymore signed the dead guy (full quote)
  1)what kinda sangwuich ain't too fattening? 2)A halfa sangwuich (full quote)
10929 When I got into family therapy, this was not the 'family' I had in mind. (full quote)
10929 -Times are changing. You've got to change with the times. -what, am I supposed to get a fuckin' website? (full quote)
10929 I'd like to see a movie, but it's nothing but this shoot-em-up bullshit. I get enough of that at work. (full quote)
10929 I'm a psychiatrist. Believe me, I can be vague. (full quote)
10929 I am redefining weird on a hourly basis. (full quote)
10929 I was Fredo? I don't think so. (full quote)
deliylah I'm re-defining weird on an hourly basis. (full quote)
  Vitti: You know who i am Crystal: Yes Vitti: No you dont, you seen my picture in the paper? Crystal: Yes Vitti: No You Didn't. (full quote)
  Crystal: You dont hear the word NO very often do you? Di Nero: I hear it all the time although its more like no please no no! (full quote)
  Now I can't even talk to my mother on the phone. -Paul Vitti after hearing his psychiatrist talk about incest. (full quote)
  1.You know, typically a patient wouldn't drink before a session 2.Really,I'll have to remember that in case I'm ever on jeopardy (full quote)
  Jesus, you are a planet! (full quote)
  would you pass me the fruit? (full quote)
  i'm also known as the fucking doctor (full quote)
  hjfjf (full quote)
  You are very good (full quote)
  You want a fresh one? (full quote)
GenieChick The load it's gone! Where is it? I don't know! (full quote)
deliylah I'm re-defining weird on an hourly basis. (full quote)
deliylah 1: You don't hear the word 'no' very often, do you? 2: I hear it all the time, only it's more like 'no, please, no no'! (full quote)
droshky I can feel the juices rushing back to my balls as we speak. (full quote)
anne benoit Neurotics only (full quote)
anne benoit You! (full quote)
anne benoit You slap a pair of tits on me and I'm a woman (full quote)
anne benoit You're an employee of Mr. Vitti. That means you are on call 24 hrs a day, just like the rest of us. (full quote)
anne benoit 1) Do you want another drink cause I'm definitely having eight or nine. 2) Yeah I'd like a morphine and soda. (full quote)
anne benoit Why would I want my father to die? (full quote)
anne benoit Of course I'm upset, my wedding is ruined and you've got problems (full quote)