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Heartbreakers - 2001 Movie Quotes

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  You don't do things like normal people, do you? (full quote)
  1.Menage a trios? 2.Try menage a cinq. (full quote)
  That is oddness. (full quote)
  -So, why are you following me? -I'm not following you! -Then what are you doing here? -Come on, I'll show you. -You're not out here burying highschool kids, are you? -Well they egged my car. (full quote)
  There is no love, its just a trick of the brain mixed with hormones and chemicals (full quote)
  shut up junior slut (full quote)
  come on lets hump! (full quote)
  come on lets hump! (full quote)
  1)Are you trying to avoid me? 2) NO! Um, ill be right back. (full quote)
  my friends have this theory that im in love with you (full quote)
  Why is it every time I see you things seem to be going down the crapper? (full quote)
  Im willing to explore this whole being dominated thing but lets just take it slow. (full quote)
  Look at all the fish ( shooting his gun at the water) Oh! GOT ONE! (full quote)
  Uh, your trash is on fire. (full quote)
  Love is pain, life is pain (full quote)
  there is only one man in the world (full quote)
  'If you don't leave me alone, I'm gonna jam this shoe up your ass.' 'Who told you I'm into that?' (full quote)
  Jack: Can I, uh, get you a drink? Page: Wow..I've never heard that one before, you really BLOW me away with your creativity. Jack: Well..I..uh Page: Well..I..uh..your recovery is even better. Do you even care at all who I am..I mean, I could be the antichrist or have the intelligence of a thermos, but unfortunatley, those are not the matters the male penis ponders. So please, tell me why you walked ALL the way over here to ask to get me a drink. Jack: Oh, well..because I'm the bartender. Page: Oh...martini, very dry. (full quote)
beekers Oh, yeah. She's a delicate flower. (full quote)
beekers 1)So what do you do, Mr. Staglione? 2)I'm a college professor. 1)Oh, and what do you teach? 2)college stuff. What're you, a fuckin' cop? (full quote)
beekers Is so much loudness here. Can we not go somewhere quiet where I can relate to you...orally? (full quote)
beekers 1)(In Russian)Can I tickle you with my big Russian sausage? 2)Da. 1)Da! (full quote)
beekers You don't do anything like normal people, do you? (full quote)
  Do you have any idea of how much therapy you need? (full quote)
10929 back in the USSR. (full quote)
10929 The best is yet to come. (full quote)
10929 baby, now that I found you. (full quote)
  Love is Pain. Life is pain, you can't protect anybody from it. It's always gonna getcha. But sometimes life can also be good, but you gotta be open. You gotta takes chances. You gotta let go. (full quote)
  Jack: Can I get you a drink? Page: Wow I've never heard that one before. You nearly blew me away with all your creativity. Jack: Well I ah... Page: Well I ah...your recovery is even better. Do you even care at all who I am? I mean..I ..I could be the antichrist or have the intelligence of a thermus, but unfortunately those are not the matters that the male penis ponders. So please, tell me, why'd you walk all the way over here to ask to get me a drink? Jack: Well because I'm the bartender. Page: Oh. Martini. Very dry. (full quote)
  max conners(in russian):oh! a personal file device.. tenzy:im not insisting you take up smoking but,there is nothing sexier than smoke billowing proudly out of a womans hot red nostrils.*sigh* max conners(in russian):that image will..haunt me. (full quote)
  Ugh! I am not going to feel your butt again, mother, we all know its wonderful! (full quote)
10929 Wait by the phone. Timing on this is crucial. (full quote)