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Bongwater - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  guess who just stopped smoking? your house! (full quote)
12041 your confused because your lost,,,,and your lost because you dont know where you are! (full quote)
  June baby! June baby! (full quote)
  I can't understand you when you're whimpering Tommy. (full quote)
  listen you little fire-headed, red-headed fucking bitch... (full quote)
  no more questions....wake up bitch! (full quote)
  Bon voyage, Bitch! (full quote)
36054 Tony: We shouldn't be smoking here, there are police everywhere. (full quote)
36054 Tony: Can we please stop talking about that carrot crotch? (full quote)
36054 David: That's great, God, yeah...good, good good. Robert: That is nice. (full quote)
36054 Devlin:(singing) It was a big day on Jesus Ranch, Jesus Ranch. I feel inlove with a baked potato. That's when I started to dance, yeah, in France. I'm taking a walk in the woods, it's nice outside, smells of shit... I come across a silver stripped mushroom and I fly-la-la-la-ly-ly-ly..... (full quote)
36054 Tony: I roll a great joint. Robert: Ha, would you go with 'great'? (full quote)