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Instinct - 1999 Movie Quotes

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9869 Theo: The cards are garbage! Do you understand!?! We're not using the ace anymore! Everybody goes outside! (full quote)
9869 Ethan: Tabibu Juhar (full quote)
9869 Ethan: These are shadows - not gorillas. Born in cages. Like the old male. He was free once. Goliath; I named him that. I brought him here. This cage has broken him. (full quote)
9869 Ethan: It's an amazing feeling Theo - to be watched over. I discovered in that look of his more than watchfulness - tolerance; acceptance. (full quote)
9869 Ethan: It was me. They'd found my things. Been tracking me. So I brought them; I brought the takers....and death. Still - he looks at me without blame. (full quote)
9869 Ethan: He won't come out. You see? Even if he can....He's given up. By now he thinks freedom is something he dreamed. (full quote)
9869 Theo: Guess what!? You taught me how to live outside of the game! You taught me how to live. And you know what scares me even more? I'm goin back in. (full quote)
9869 Theo: And you wanna know the psychology behind this? Now pay attention cos' I'm good at this! - I'm trying not to say goodbye. I'm trying not to say I'll miss you. Ethan Powell case closed. Case closed. (full quote)
9869 Theo: You're never gonna find him! (full quote)