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Out-of-Towners, The - 1999 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3310 1. henry u know me when i'm hungy i'll seduce anybody. 2 oh, that's comforting! (full quote)
5161 Give you a break? Give YOU a break? So far I've been robbed by Andrew Llyod Webber, I'm tired, I'm cold, I'm hungry, and I am RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES! So don't tell me to give YOU a break. *hands her the phone* (clears throat) Do I dial 9 to get out? (full quote)
5817 1) No...I just, I had an aspirin. 2) Are you sure it was an aspirin? 1) (scoffs) A prisoner gave it to me. 3) (sarcastically) Oh, well if a prisoner gave it to you... (full quote)
3605 The cops are around, we gotta lay low for a while. Wow, I never thought I'd say that. (full quote)
3605 This is how I suck. (full quote)
3605 1) You're throwing us out? 2) good heavens, no. Security will do that. (full quote)
13812 grass...grass..grass in my ass!! (full quote)
13807 Grass ... grass ... grass in my ass! (full quote)
16413 say frisky frisky frisky (full quote)
  Give you a break, give you a break, hey! in the last 24 hours i have been rerouted,mugged, evicted, chased by a dog, kidnapped, chased by a horse, and seen in an incompromising postition by the mayor, i just found out that by daughter is spending us in the poor house, and my husband has no job! I'm angry,I'm tired, and im hungry, and im running with the wolves! So why don't you give me a break!!! (full quote)
24347 1)henry you're hungary, just eat a cracker and you'll be filled with hope 2)no i will not be filled with hope, i will be filled with cracker! (full quote)
  what are you, 106? (full quote)