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Ravenous - 1999 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
evilroy I want you to know, If you die first I'm definitely going to eat you. (full quote)
evilroy It's lonely being a cannibal. Tough to make friends. (full quote)
5110 He was licking me! (full quote)
5110 A little too much bourbon in his bourbon. (full quote)
5110 I said no food. I didn't say there was nothing to eat. (full quote)
5110 1: what's the medal for? 2: Cowardice. (full quote)
5110 Breakfast... lunch... and reinforcements. (full quote)
5110 Eat to live. Don't live to eat. (full quote)
5110 He was tough-- but a good soldier ought to be tough. (full quote)
5110 Bon Appetit! (full quote)
8733 It's lonely being a cannibal, tough making friends. (full quote)
  If you Die first I am definately going to eat you....The question is, if I die first...what are you gonna do? (full quote)
  SICK MAN....SICK MAN OUTside..... (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 That was very..... sneaky. (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 Morality. The last bastion of coward. (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 We won't kill indiscriminately. No....selectively. My God, we don't want to break up families. (full quote)
  Yes, i remember, a certain, Verilaty. (full quote)
41579 It's tough making friends when you're a cannibal. (full quote)
  Did you check around outside? No ... Thencheck around outside woman !! (full quote)