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Crow: Salvation, The - 2000 Movie Quotes

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  You're up! (full quote)
  corvis hacked that girl up liea mother fucker! (full quote)
10612 Guns don't kill people...but knives might. (full quote)
11940 No, You SAID you saw me with this. I never held it, until today. (full quote)
11940 There is no scar. The Corvis kid made it up. WRONG ANSWER! (full quote)
11940 Officer Dutton: So, you're right Spooky, You happy?? (Shoots him 3 times but doesn't kill him) Eric: I'm working on it. (Shoots him in the head. (full quote)
11940 I want you to bend over, Officer Dutton. (full quote)
  Corvis:ladys, drive carefully,and call an officer down. (full quote)
  Lauren faught for her life cux she knew life was worth living. (full quote)
  ALEX: She fought for her life, because life is worth living; think about that-and then you tell me how much you want to die. (full quote)
  ALEX: Big bang? Primordial Ooze? Divine hand of a benevolent creator? All possibilities...although recent events have caused me to doubt-the benevolent creator. (full quote)
  ALEX: I want to know why! I want my life back! (full quote)
39087 Alex-Big band. Primortial ooze. Devign hand of a benevolent creator all posibilities. But resently i have had doubts about the benevolent creator (full quote)
  I wanna know why, I want my life back.- Alex Corvis Somebody once said the way to get rid of someone, is to let them what they want. - Police Captain in The Crow: Salvation You think the world did you wrong, you did the world wrong, - Police Captain Go picasso - Police Captain Big bang? Primordial ooze? Divine hand of a benevolent creator? All posibilities, although recent events have given me doubts...about the benevolent creator. - Alex Corvis Corvis: You were there? All four of you? You killed her, I saw it. Officer Dutton: Bitch killed herself when she shot a cop in the foot. If she had just shut up and acted like a girl nothin' would've happened. So you're right Spooky. You happy? Corvis: I'm working on it! (full quote)
  one crow sorrow two crow joy three crows for a girl four crows for a boy five crows for silver six crows for gold seven crows for a seceret thats never been told (full quote)