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Siege, The - 1998 Movie Quotes

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7937 Tell them I'm not their sand n*gger any more! (full quote)
  How could you possibly remember who you're fucking? (full quote)
  what if what they want is for us to herd children into stadiums like we're doing, to put soldiers on the street, to have Americans lookin over their soldiers; bend the law, shred the Constitution just a little? what if that's what they want? If we do that, than everything that we have fought and died for is lost. If we do that, than they've won. (full quote)
13284 1. Do you think i would hesitate to kill you and every FBI agent in this room? 2. no, but your boys will. Give them the order, general, make young murderers out of these kids, give the order, GIVE THEM THE ORDER, GENERAL! 1.(pauses) Stand down, Seargeant. (full quote)
15067 -Pretend like I'm saying something funny, cause people are watching! -HAHAHAHAHAHA (full quote)
10929 We're the CIA. Something always goes wrong. (full quote)
10929 The CIA didn't know the Berlin Wall was falling until the bricks started hitting them in the face. (full quote)
10929 In this game, the most committed wins. (full quote)
10929 This is a new kind of war. (full quote)
10929 Look, it's lose-lose anyway you play it. You want to lose little or lose big? (full quote)
10929 I'm suspicious of all true believers. Present company included. (full quote)
10929 This is the land of opportunity, gentlemen. You have the opportunity to turn yourself in. (full quote)
10929 Sure beats the hell outta cable. (full quote)
10929 London. Paris. Athens. Rome. Belfast. Beruit. We're not the first city to have to deal with terrorism. Tel Aviv. The day after they bombed the market in Tel Aviv, the market was open and it was full. This is New York City. We can take it. (full quote)
10929 You think I want to lose them? You think I'm in the losing people business, huh? (full quote)
10929 The army is a broadsword, not a scalpel. (full quote)
10929 It's easy to tell the difference between right and wrong. What's hard is choosing the wrong that's more right. (full quote)
10929 The time has come for one man to suffer in order to save hundreds of lives. (full quote)
10929 Feel free to leave whenever you like, Agent Hubbard. (full quote)
10929 Twelve hours after the President gives the order we can be on the ground. One light infantry division of 10,700 men, elements of the Rapid Deployment Force, Special Forces, Delta, APCs, helicopters, tanks, and, of course, the ubiquitous M-16 A1 assault rifle. A humble enough weapon until you see it in the hands of a man outside your local bowling alley or 7-11. It will be noisy. It will be scary. And it will not be mistaken for a VFW parade. (full quote)
13284 1. You think I would hesitate to kill every agent in this room? 2. No, you wouldn't, I know you wouldn't, but they might. (full quote)
10929 You have the right to remain silent. (full quote)
10929 I ran the network in Iraq for two years. (full quote)
10929 The first 24 hours are the only 24 hours. Do what you do best. (full quote)
10929 It's never the question that's indiscreet. It's only the answer. (full quote)
10929 what are you going to charge him with, jaywalking? (full quote)
10929 The funeral shroud is the final step in the ritual of self-purification. (full quote)