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Rugrats Movie, The - 1998 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
7887 Dr..Dra...DRAGONS! (full quote)
7887 Lets go see the Lizard! (full quote)
7887 The twins bill and jill and poor umelia (full quote)
8034 It looks like it's gonna rain (full quote)
8034 now thats what I call a baby shower! (full quote)
8034 I don't wanna be monkey boy!! (full quote)
8034 1)He lost the kids! 2)I lost the kids!? (full quote)
8034 He slept through Pearl Harbor for heavens sake!!! (full quote)
8034 He's a baby!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
8034 We'll never find them with this jerk in front of us! (full quote)
8034 My angel! She's been here!!! (full quote)
8034 Yup. She has the Pickle's blood! (full quote)
8487 1) You're breaking my leg! 2) That's because I can't reach your neck! (full quote)
12153 You know, not all dogs go to heaven. (full quote)
12153 This is more fun then picking noses. (full quote)
12153 Next commercial, you babies are going to be in so much trouble. (full quote)
12153 Aah! This place give me the juicebumps! (full quote)
12153 Tommy: My mommy and daddy won't forget me. Angelica: That's what Spike said before you were born. Back when his name was Paul. Tommy: Paul? Angelica: Yeah, but, then you came along, and they put him out in the rain, and he turned into a dog. (full quote)
12153 Susie: A baby has a smiley face... Angelica: A baby is from outside space! (full quote)
12153 Chuckie: Do you really think babies are a gift from a Bob? Tommy: I don't know. Why? Chuckie: Because if Bob bringed a gift, it's probably one of them. (full quote)
12153 [Points to her bellybutton] Man! They cut my cord! (full quote)
12153 I can barely hear myself suck. (full quote)
12153 Yeah! It's money back bearantee. (full quote)
12153 They took Cynthia. Spike! Come on! You're gonna be my butthound! We gotta search every doghouse, playhouse, tree house, and doll house! I want those foogitives back in custardy! (full quote)
12153 I don't know if I should throw up or throw down! (full quote)
12153 Chuckie: Where are we? Tommy: I don't know. It looks kinda like the park. Lil: only biggerer. (full quote)
12153 Lil: Oh, oh, Tommy, I think your brother is broked again. Tommy: Oh, no. Dil, are you OK? Phil: I think he's gonna explode. Dil: Poopie. Tommy: What?! (full quote)
12153 your brother made a frog jump on me! (full quote)
12153 (1)Mr. Pickles, is it true you shipped your own children to Tokyo in a wooden box? (2)Is it true a dingo ate your baby? (3)Mr. Pickles, how many pecks of pickled peppers did you pick? (full quote)
12153 And there you have it. Two sour Pickles and young Tammy, baby Dale, the twins bill and Jill, little Chunky, and poor Amelia, all vanished without a trace. (full quote)
12153 Chuckie: A lizard? Tommy: You know, a big guy with a pointy hat that grants wishes. All's we got to do is knock on the door and say we wanna go home. See? Then everything will be back to Norman. (full quote)
12153 Phil: I saw feetprints like that in our storybook. A wolf made them, and then he ate that little red riding girl. Chuckie: The wolf ate a girl? Phil: They got her out. (full quote)
12153 (singing) T: A pirate's life is a life for me! L: Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! C: I get seasick on the sea! P&L: Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! P: Hoist the Reptar flag real high! T: My sword is pointed to the sky! L: You need a patch across your eye! L: From Zanzibar... P: to candy bar! P&L: Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! T We search for treasures near and far! P&L Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! L Beware your ship should cross our path. P We'll shoot a cannon through your mast! C Remove your gold baboons by half. D: Yo oh oh oh! T: A pirate's life is the life for me! P&L: Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! C: [ill] Adventure on the open sea. P&L: Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! (full quote)
12153 I think your sponsatility's broke, just like your brother. (full quote)
12153 (1)Oh, no! Hey, guys, help! There's a monkey who's trying to take Tommy's brother! [pause] (2) So? (full quote)
12153 My brother turned into a monkey? (full quote)
12153 But-- but you're my bestest friend. (full quote)
12153 You dumb butthound! Fine! I hope you turn into a frog. (full quote)
12153 (singing) One way or another /I'm gonna find you /I'm gonna get you, get you, get you, get you /One way or another /I'm gonna win you /I'm gonna get you, get you, get you, get you /Cynthia, oh, Cynthia /I need to see you /I need to see you, see you, see you /From that kid or his brother /I'm gonna get you /I'm gonna get you, I'll get you /I'll find the full diaper bag /And if you're ripped or you're hurt /I'll push them in dirt /Yeah! (full quote)
12153 There's dragons out there! I'm a park ranger, not a knight of the round table! Go find somebody with a lance! (full quote)
10929 I throw my toys around. (full quote)
10929 One way or another. (full quote)
10929 She's having a baby, not a gefilte fish! (full quote)
12153 He always loved climbing on trees. Now a tree's climbed on him. (full quote)
12153 Don't let them take me, Tommy! I don't wanna be monkey boy! (full quote)
12153 Phil: I didn't know she could fly. Lil: I think it's 'cause she's a witch. (full quote)
12153 You've got the Pickle spirit, son. Maybe not the brain, but the spirit. (full quote)
12153 The Monkeys founded their daddies, and we all gots to go home and have fried baloney sandwiches. But not Dil, 'cause he gots no teeth. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Dumb Monkeys! (full quote)
FutureHunter94 An Adventure For Anyone That Ever Wore Diapers. (full quote)