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Disturbing Behavior - 1998 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3594 Don't worry about the snakes in the garden when there are spiders in your bed. (full quote)
3594 Who put the acid in my Spam? (full quote)
3594 Who's your daddy, Huh? (full quote)
  What's the capital of north Dakota?How the f*ck should I know! (full quote)
  The problem with America is mankind's abject unwillingness to contribute to the delinquincy of minors. (full quote)
  Gavin : Fail To be a bitch Rachel Rachel : Fail to be a puckerass, Gav (full quote)
7131 Appropriate sparks are flying. Somebody que up the power ballad, man. (full quote)
  Meet the magical creatures hiding amonst the flowers.... (full quote)
8826 The Yogurt Shop. Shopp-ee. what the hell's a shopp-ee? (full quote)
  sounds razor (full quote)
  sounds razor (full quote)
9193 be the ball (full quote)
10088 Bad..............wrong...............wrong..............bad...................Bad..............wrong...............wrong..............bad (full quote)
  I dont think they will be intersted ina pigmantly challenged friend uv! (full quote)
10926 YOU ASS KISSING LITTLE FUCK!!! (full quote)
  good find, girl. yeah good find, who's that? (full quote)
  good find, girl. yeah, good find... who's that? (full quote)
12153 Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone. (full quote)
12153 Look at him, he's killing his hard-on! (full quote)
12153 Mr. Newberry here has got the full-on Boo Radley, village idiot, Quasimoto thing going, don't you Mr. Newb? (full quote)
12153 [ Blood running down her face. ] Lorna Longley: I have to go home. I've got a big physics test tomorrow. (full quote)
14477 You where to turn, no one to trust, all together ookie. (full quote)
CaliGirl 1)Not so fast. What's the capital of north Dakota?? 2)How the fuck should I know?? (full quote)
10929 I had no idea that evil was this pervasive. (full quote)
10929 I bet you didn't know toast came in three favors. (full quote)
10929 Tell me, Shannon, do you get yelled at when you talk about your dead grandfather? (full quote)
10926 Meet the magical little creatures that hide among the flowers..Meet the magical little creatures that hide among the flowers........ (full quote)
10926 Hey, take care of u.v ok, i dont think they'll be interested in the pigmantly challenged. (full quote)
10926 Bad, wrong.... Wrong bad...... Bad wrong...... Wrong Bad (full quote)
  why cant u see this is so fuckin huge, im a dead man my parents sold me out! -Gavin (the 1 i love) (full quote)
  Meet the musical little creatures who hide amoung the flowers... (full quote)