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In God's Hands - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  So you wanna surf? And the waves near the town where you live aren't half bad. Then what? How far are you willing to go? What sacrifice are you willing to make? How good do you want to be? (full quote)
  Why is it when the waves are just right, when it's big enough and hollow enough and I'm inside of it...everything...whatever I'm doing, why I'm doing it, in that all makes sense. Most everybody wants something else from it, but I'm afraid if I ask for more, it'll all disappear... (full quote)
  And her eyes were as big as the moooooon! Sooooon I know i'm gonna be in her aaaaaaarms tonight! (full quote)
23080 And her eyes were as big as the mooooon! Soon i know i'm gonna be in her aaaaarms tonight! (full quote)
23080 M-Otherwise,it's like Marlin fishing K-What? M-You see a beautiful woman she's like a big game fish. If you really want her, you're gonna need a boat, bait, tackle, gasoline you gotta get out on the high seas and if you get a hook up IF you get a hook gotta draaaag it all the way back to the boat,but i got a question for ya. At that point, who's tired? K-Who you? M-No god damn it, the both of you! Beautiful women you know what i say to them? I say, you my be a symphony baby, but i beleive in song. (full quote)
23080 Did you know that salt water is most closely related to human blood, and you know what that reminds me of? Our own essence gentleman. (full quote)
23080 K-Hey! Mickey's at it again. He promised! He said he's teaching her english or something! S-Yeah he's teaching her something! (full quote)
23080 Hey are they gonna execute us? 'cause i wasn't even doing anything! Oh man, I'm gonna have a heart attack, I'm full on gonna have a heart attack! (full quote)
23080 W-You probably don't realise it, but you and your friends are part of a tribe. S-You think? W- It's a tribe based on mutual respect. And a common understanding of what it takes to do what we do. S-Inever really thought of it that way. W-What do you think about surfing waves that are too big to paddle into? They frighten you... S-Yeah...mickey thinks they can be paddled into. He hates jetskis. W-What do you think? S-I haven't really made my mind up yet. (full quote)
31037 Did you ever have one of those friends when all you have to do was think about them and you would smile (2) NO (3)thats to bad (full quote)
  the best movie ever made (full quote)
  As I watched them train today... I was filled with a certain sadness. So many people aspire to greatness. So few succeed. I could see the separation happening before my eyes. - The big waves of hawaii wouldn't be wainting for them. A challenge to one... a thrent to the other. (full quote)
  - I hate the stink of those goddamn jet skis. - I know you do. - You think I'm nuts, don't you? It can be done you know. I know it can. You just gotta catch it right. (...) You ever gonna tell me what's on your mind? You ever gonna tell anybody what's on your mind? Jesus. I'm treatin' you like a chick. (...) - Line up with the palm tree on the cliff. Sit deep. The wind comin' up the face is gonna be like nothing you ever felt. This wave's an animal. (full quote)
  All over the world people are returning to their tribes. I don't blame them. You probably don't realize it, but you and your friends are part of a tribe. - You think? - It's a tribe built on mutual respect... and a common understanding of what it takes to do what we do. (full quote)
  Every sport has its own mythology... its legends. Joe Lewis, Muhammed Ali... Mickey Mantle, Babee Ruth... Michael Jordan. Faces you see in television. Surfing has its own mythology too. Most of it based on what you ever see. Stories of great rides told over and over again. Of unimaginable waves in obscure, faraway places. And the moment people that seek these moments out... traveling like spirits... from country to country. (full quote)
  Practice extreme safety... when we're doing extreme things. Technology is taking surfing into another dimension... allowing a rider to match the speed of a 50-foot wave... traveling at 35miles per our. But the question is, at what price? But only the most skilled stand a chance to survive. To ride waves this big... is to put yourself in God's Hands. (full quote)