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Free Enterprise - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  Would that be the Almighty Isis action figure? (full quote)
6101 SHIZOR....who knew? (full quote)
6101 Is that mack lipstick your wearing? (full quote)
13896 I've got the japanese imported box set of planet of the apes on laserdisc... (full quote)
13896 All I ever wanted was an audience of one... (full quote)
13896 one of of us... (full quote)
13896 Is that mac lipstick? (full quote)
  So... it's called Ladykiller? No. Bradykiller. (full quote)
10929 He said that Han Solo was cooler than Captain Kirk. (full quote)
replicant9 Hmmmm? What's that hmmm mean? Just that. Hmm. Hey, Maybe she's a lesbian. That's the spirit. After you've askedthe waitress out and she said no the next words out of your mouth must always be "maybe she's a lesbian." I'm proud of you, man, really. You've take your first step into a larger world. (full quote)
replicant9 There's a hole in my life. My, uh...I'm minus a woman. What do you mean? My lady friend...she left me. She couldn't understand my obsession with a musical, Julius Caesar. She never realized that all I ever wanted was an audience of one, so she's gone. (full quote)
10929 Course, my own sex life's more like 8-1/2 Weeks...Fellini meets Psycho. Scary. (full quote)