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Ninth Gate, The - 1999 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4722 Its come to my attention that you know too god damn much! (full quote)
7763 1.Don't fuck with me! 2.I thought i just did (full quote)
12076 Watch out, she bites. (full quote)
12076 1)You don't like me, do you? 2)I don't have to like you. You're a client and you pay well. (full quote)
12076 1)what do you plan to do if you see them? 2)Probably hide behind you. (full quote)
12076 1)How do I look? 2)You look rediculous. (full quote)
  I'm telling you, I'm quitting! This is getting too far over my head. (full quote)
14345 1)Okay, where is it?! 2)Where's what? 1)Don't fuck with me!!! 2)I thought I just did. (full quote)
  GIRL:(while dean is banging on the door) do you want to get in? DEAN: Well, I have thought about it, yes (full quote)
MovieFreak Baroness Kessler: My latest work: The Devil: history and Myth - a kind of biography. It will be published next year. Dean Corso: Why the devil? Baroness Kessler: [laughs] I saw him one day. I was fifteen years old, and I saw him as plain as I see you now: cutaway, top hat, cane. Very elegant, very handsome. It was love at first sight. (full quote)
MovieFreak Liana Telfer: Don't fuck with me! Dean Corso: I thought I just did (full quote)
MovieFreak Boris Balkan: (Crashing the black mass) Mumbo Jumbo! Mumbo Jumbo! (full quote)
MovieFreak Boris Balkan: Nothing is more reliable than a man whose loyalties can be bought with hard cash. (full quote)
MovieFreak Ceniza: Even Hell has its heroes, seƱor (full quote)
MovieFreak Liana: You work for money I take it. Dean: What else? Liana: I have a great deal of money. Dean: I'm very happy for you. (full quote)
  GIRL: I like Trains... DEAN: One's that I'm on? GIRL: No. Juyst trains... (full quote)
  MY WIFE! i dont have a wife! (full quote)