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Hombre - 1967 Movie Quotes

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10929 Guess I brought my dirty laundry by mistake. (full quote)
10929 We all gotta die. It's only a matter of when. (full quote)
  You got any qustions? - Just one. How are you going to get down that hill. (full quote)
  CICERO GRIMES MEET JOHN RUSsell (full quote)
10929 Hombre, which name today, which do you want? (full quote)
  Grimes:) Smoke bother you? Audra:) Would you put it out if I said it did? Grimes:) Oh, yeah. My momma taught me to remove my hat and my cigar in the presence of a lady. whatever else I take off depends on how lucky I get. (full quote)
  Russell:) The dead are dead. You ought to bury them. Jessie:) I'm sure that's good advice. Trouble is, Mr. Russell, I think you feel the same way about the living. (full quote)
  You better put down that gun. You got two ways to go, put it down or use it. Even if you tie me, you're gonna be dead. (full quote)
  HEY! I GOT A QUESTION...........HOW YOU GONNA GET BACK down THAT HILL? (full quote)
10929 Hey, Hombre! (full quote)
proflewks70 ...... if he tries to run, shoot him in the leg, if he takes the money, shoot him again, if he takes any of the water, EMPTY YOUR GUN.. (full quote)