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Anywhere But Here - 1999 Movie Quotes

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1212 1)I wish someone had kidnapped me when I was your age. 2)So do I. (full quote)
4583 She's the reason I was born (full quote)
  1) I hate my hair, I'm going to cut it all off 2) Over my dead body 1) Ok (full quote)
  1) I want to kiss you 2) Why? 1) I...I don't know 2) Well if you can't think of anything better than that (Hangs up phone) (full quote)
  1) Are those initials on your boxers? 2) Yeah, my mom's an initial freak (full quote)
  1) By the way, Ted is not a homosexual 2) I never said he was, just because I said he was light in the loafers does not mean I said he was gay 1) Oh yes you did! 2) Oh no I didn't! 1) Oh yes, you did!!! 2) Fine, you want to go find Ted? Get out and go find him them! 1) By the way, there are no Buffalos in Nevada 2) Oh Buffalos shit!!! (full quote)
  be optimistic, dont you be a grumpy, when the road gets bumpy, just smile, smile, smile and be happy! (full quote)
6771 I want to be on my own and you on your own, and I know you're scaried but you've got to let me go! (full quote)
  He's a dentist (full quote)
13782 be optimistic...dont u be a grumpy...when the road gets bumpy, just smile, smile, SMILE, and be happy! (full quote)
16070 Take off your clothes!! (full quote)
13080 He really made a meal out of me, doing that thing that adults do in bed! (full quote)
  Like my daddy always used to say,Be optimistic dont ya be grumpy when the road gets bumpy just smile smile smile `n be happy.Dont wear a long face its never in style be optimistic and smile. (full quote)
  Did they throw out that furniture is that garbage? (full quote)
  My mother always makes an enormous amount of noise when she eats, it's like she's trying to taste the whole world. (full quote)
  I'm making a highly illegal phone call from someone's bedroom. (full quote)
  I'll always have a place in my heart for the Los Angelas Police Department. (full quote)
  my mother made an amazing amount of noise when she ate her food it was as if she was trying to taste the entire world. sometimes i hated her, sometimes i couldn't stand her, sometimes i thought she was ruining my life, what kept me going was knowing that one day i'd leave her. (full quote)
14800 I'm not going to see your future as a nothing girl in a nothing factory in a nothing town! (full quote)
14800 (1)You don't have a job in the Los Angeles school district! (2)I will have. I have an interview, and a great outfit! (full quote)
14800 (1)You know what? I'm really hungry and it's not like we're at Denny's. So, if someone comes in and sees me eating duck a l'orange, who knows what effect it will have on my life! (2)Sit up straight, you're slouching! (full quote)
14800 (1)When you were four years old your father left you just in the middle of the night! (2)So what? You left my step-father in the middle of the afternoon! (full quote)
14800 (1)I miss Ted (2)Nobody misses Ted. Ted is boring! (1)All right, mother. (full quote)
15696 How are you ever going to be an actress if you don't speak clearly? (full quote)
  dont you bee all grumpy, just when the road gets bumpy, just smile smile and be happy. dont wear a long face its never in style just be optimistic and smile! (full quote)
The Raven That summer I turned seventeen...and started planning my escape. (full quote)
The Raven I hate the Beach Boys!...They're too happy and sunny! (full quote)
MovieFreak Annie: That summer I turned seventeen...and started planning my escape (full quote)
MovieFreak Ann: You don't have a job in the Los Angeles school district. Adele: I have an interview, and a great outfit. (full quote)
MovieFreak Ann: I hate the Beach Boys!...They're too happy and sunny (full quote)
  Even if she's crazy. Even if you hate her. Even if she's ruining your life. There's something about my mother. Some romance. Some power. And when she's dead, the world will be flat. Everything will be so much more simpler... so much more unreasonable. (full quote)
10929 He's a Beverley Hills dentist. He's busy. (full quote)
10929 Leaving's not leaving. (full quote)
  just a scratch (full quote)
  Ann:I had that dream again last night..where you cut off your feet and you couldn't move and i couldn't get you to leave the room. (full quote)
  I want to part your lips with my tongue. (full quote)