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Cartoons Ain't Human - 1943 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
43025 DeeDee: Dexter your naked {hitting the trophy causing it to break} Dexter: Now look what you did dee dee you clumzy fooool. (full quote)
43025 Eddy: he even knows more than you double D Edd: oh really shall we investegate Ed: Edd has a plan eddy Eddy: but thayt's my stick. (full quote)
43025 Chicken: Mamma had a chicken Cow: Mamma had a cow Both: and dad was proud he didn't care how Cow chicken (full quote)
43025 Wayne: Hi i'm wayne i'm a good boy (full quote)
43025 Ed: I think i just thunk Edd: was that english Ed (full quote)
43025 Ed: I think i just thunk Edd: Was that english Ed (full quote)
43025 DeeDee: I'm dexter boy Genius i live in a life of science and i hate my stupid sister DeeDee {sticking out her tongue} (full quote)
43025 Tc: Brain do me a favor dont tell anyone i know you (full quote)
43025 Eddy: sarah likes to see me eat yogurt from my belly button Edd: before Ed fills my mind with disturbing images (full quote)
43025 Tazimanian devil: why do you burry me in the cold cold ground (full quote)
43025 Vampire: Rest now phone tomorrow rest is good for the blood (full quote)
43025 Eddy: what happened to the stairs Ed my parents took them down because im grounded Edd: that's disturbing (full quote)
43025 Professor Utonium: Bring it on, daddy-o. Mojo Jojo: Oh that is so LAME. You will PAY for your use of inappropriate dialogue. (full quote)
43025 Princess: QUIET. Now listen. It doesn't matter that you've got your little gadgets, or that you're the ultimate evil. All that matters is that I destroy the Powerpuff Girls, which I will because I have the most powerful power in the whole wide world. COLD HARD CASH. Mojo Jojo: She has a point there. Him: Yes. She does. [short pause] Mojo Jojo: But still. Him: Yes. (full quote)
43025 Dexter: i better not be bleeding what;s this nonsence nabout this chupacobra DeeDee: a chupacobra is a monster from south america and it attaks goats look Dexter: charlie DeeDee: no chupacobra (full quote)
43025 Coop: All right you intergalactic snots! You ruined my car show! Jamie: Yeah! Coop: You trashed my friends' rides! Jamie: Yeah! Coop: AND! You made me run half a block! Jamie: Ye... half a block? Coop: Now, it's payback time! (full quote)
43025 Wayne: I've stopped playing vampire's mummy it was wendy's idea (saying in a tiny voice) (full quote)
43025 Wayne: [reading Dirty Joes poem from the school paper] Junk is sweet and also sour I scavange heaps for hours and hours Rusty metal bent and dented For all this my life was vented (stars crying) very funny just because dirty Joeis your boyfriend (throwing the paper) (full quote)
43025 Dirty Joe: Hey Wayne, how do you spell rusty? Wayne: [annoyed] Like dusty with a 'ru' at the beginning. Dirty Joe: Oh. [pause] Dirty Joe: Hey Wayne. Wayne: what? Dirty Joe: How do you spell dusty? (full quote)