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Lost in the Desert - 1970 Movie Quotes

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  Does anybody else know about this movie. I saw this movie as a kid and liked it but can't find the movie or any reference to it now. (full quote)
  I remember that movie as well. It involved a kid who walked in circles and couldn't see. There was a scorpion in it and the kid said his times table over and over again until the battery in the plane ran out. I'd love to see it again. (full quote)
  I liked this movie as a kid as well. I remember the kid stealing Ostrich eggs and making an omlet on hot rocks in the desert. (full quote)
  mj,lku/;ip (full quote)
  I can't remember much of this film except that it had a little boy who was lost in the desert, (obviously) and that I was cryng my eyes out, it was sooooooooooo sad! Boo hoo (full quote)
CharliesArts 2nd time have tried to post this, I have been trying to trace this film ever since I was a kid. The little boy is flying with his uncle & little dog over African desert, Uncle has a heart attack, boy & dog survive crash, he wanders off & yes he gets stung on ankle by a scorpion then spat at by spitting cobra, gets him in the eyes, he passes out & wake up withtwo bushmen looking after him, they feed him some kind of meat that the boy thinks is his dog so he drives the bushmen off. All i remember is a little hand sticking up out of the sand at the end & everyone in the cinema crying, it was shown as a short film before Battlestar Galactica my Mum says. (full quote)