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Entropy - 1999 Movie Quotes

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  there are three truths in life: you are born, you will die, and things change. ok, maybe one more: everyone has their stella, and when they do, no one else can even compare. (full quote)
8589 If you lose control, I will have no problem replacing you (full quote)
8589 your job is to bend over when we tell ya to, get it? (full quote)
8589 Basically they just want me to show my tits right? (full quote)
8589 Shoot them Chief (full quote)
8589 You run off to Paris and then just ring me up and tell me it's over! (full quote)
8589 I think we should wake him up and knock some sense into him (full quote)
8589 God damn second hand smoke was killing me any way (full quote)