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Charlie's Angels: The Movie - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
2411 Flip your god damn hair! (full quote)
2411 Was it the chad? (full quote)
2411 Hello Charlie! (full quote)
2411 Go white girl! (full quote)
3428 I don't know how to make chicken...Jerk! (full quote)
3428 I'm sorry, friend of Starfish, but the only Captain of this Love Boat, is me, the Chad. (full quote)
3428 He speaks Natalie. (full quote)
3428 Was it the Chad? (full quote)
3225 Let's see if I can win the teddy bear (full quote)
4364 and that's, kicking your ass! (full quote)
  The Chad is...stuck... (full quote)
  creepy thin man at 10:00 (full quote)
  They're not chinese and they're not fighting, they're blueberry (full quote)
FletchFFletch You know, I signed the form, so you can feel free to put things in my slot... (full quote)
5765 The Chad was great!!! (full quote)
4904 i'm not going anywhere near your staff. (full quote)
4904 damn i hate to fly. (full quote)
3590 Do you know how hard it is to find a quality man in Los Angeles? (full quote)
  Tickets? I love tickets! (full quote)
  ...Um...a little help??? (full quote)
6899 1) Whaddya call this? 2) Chinese fighting weapon. 1) That's not funny. A buddy of mine took a Chinese fighting muffin in the chest. Sent him home in four Zip-lock bags. (full quote)
6899 I'm in this place that looks like Cher's bedroom... (full quote)
7575 and that's kickin your ass... (full quote)
3605 Flip your goddamn hair. (full quote)
  1) How about Thursday? 2)My favorite day! 1) Great! I'll get tickets. 2)I love tickets! (full quote)
  PETE:Are you new here? NATALIE:Yeah.I'm kinda like a virgin,you know? I mean it's my first (full quote)
  1-What's this? 2-Chinese fighting muffin. 1-That's not funny. A friend of mine took a fighting muffin to the chest, and they sent him home in four ziplock bags! 3-They aren't Chinese, they're not fighting, they're blueberry! (full quote)
10471 Man, I hate to fly. (full quote)
10471 Charlie's a chick though, right? (full quote)
10471 Thanks for the offer, but I'm not going anywhere near your staff. (full quote)
10471 what'dya know, guy speaks Natalie. (full quote)
10471 1)Sounds impossible. 2)Sounds like fun. (full quote)
10471 That man's got a beautiful telephone voice. (full quote)
10471 1)Mission accomplished? 2)I think we blew the agent away. (laughs) (full quote)
9841 Old school, right? Definitely...old school (full quote)
11793 i'll shake, You bake? (full quote)
11793 scrabble freak! (full quote)
11793 So charlie, how will we ever know if u really do exist? Faith, angels, faith. (full quote)
  1:you know I signed that release form, so feel free to stick things in my slot. (full quote)
  Yeah can I have 3 burgers 3 fries and 3 cherry cokes , what do you guys want? (full quote)
  Thats amazing. What is? your smile. (full quote)
  Chad: The Chad was great... Was great... The Chad was great!! The Chad... Is stuck... (full quote)
  Angels! We begin our broadcast day! (full quote)
  DYLAN: Yeah, I'll have 3 cheese burgers, 3 fries and 3 cherry pies. (turns around) what do you guys want? (full quote)
  Damn you salazar! (full quote)
  Go white girl. Go white girl (full quote)
  1: You know, you have great hands. I could use you on my staff. 2: Thanks for the offer, but my hands aren't going anywhere near your staff. (full quote)
  CORWIN: I had them all fired. PEOPLE:hahahhahahahahaha CORWIN:what? i did... (full quote)
  CORWIN: I had them all fired. PEOPLE:hahahhahahahahaha CORWIN:what? i did... (full quote)
  and that's kicking your ass! (full quote)
  Buddha on lotus (full quote)
  I think you mean carazy bitch! (full quote)
  Husband negative. Childresn and a labrador negative. Tight little package affirmative. (full quote)
  Ahh you Crazy Bastard. Dylan: I think you mean crazy bitch (full quote)
  damn you Salazar...... (full quote)
1759 I thought we could have a little breakfast, then, after, a little...Chad. (full quote)
8217 It might be the Chad. (full quote)
10666 i don't know how to make chicken. (full quote)
10666 Oh my god, i have to go number one! (full quote)
10929 T. J. HOOKER: THE MOVIE (full quote)
11007 Damn you Salazar (full quote)
14723 Damn you Salizar! (full quote)
15570 1) I'm going to get tickets. 2) I LOVE ticktets! (full quote)
19580 1) You! What was the last suggestion you made to your boss? 2) I told him I thought the coke machine should be free. 1) And why is that? 2) Because caffine helps us program. (full quote)
19580 your methodoligies are antiquated and weak! (full quote)
19580 Who has another idea like this man's coke machine one? (Engineeers all raise hands-begin shouting out their ideas all at once) All right..tell me! Better yet...can anyone show me? (full quote)
19580 Murphy O'Meyer! That does it! (full quote)
19580 1) Jason, I'm not a bikini waxer! 2) Bummer! I mean, it was kind of a turn on! (full quote)
19580 Revenge is fun. (full quote)
19580 That man's got a beautiful telephone voice. (full quote)
23438 Gay Male Flight Attendant: And I said, listen lady, it's not the seats that have gotten smaller, it's your ass which has gotten bigggger>/i>. (full quote)
23438 Gay Male Flight Attendant: And I said, listen lady, it's not the seats that have gotten smaller, it's your ass which has gotten bigggger. (full quote)
23438 Natalie: Goodmorning. You know, I signed that release waiver, so you can just feel free to stick things in my slot. (full quote)
23438 Alex: I want to get one thing straight between us. Jason: Go ahead. We're way past keeping secrets at this point. Alex: This is going to be long, hard and rough. Jason: Sometimes when it's rough, I just get there faster. Alex: If you don't diffuse this bomb, Logan. L.A is gonna be a new underwater attraction. (full quote)
23438 Roger Corwin: he said what? ..Over my dead body?..I can accept those terms. (full quote)
23438 Roger Corwin: I could use someone like you on my staff. Alex: Thanks for the offer, but I'm not going anywhere near your staff. (full quote)
23438 Dylan: Yeah, I'd like three cheeseburgers, three french fries and three cherry pies. what do you guys want? (full quote)
23438 Natalie: Like a virgin, you know. I mean, it's my first time. (full quote)
23438 Alex: Flip your hair. Natalie What? Alex: Flip your goddamn hair. (full quote)
princesstigereyes I signed all those papers and everything, so you can feel free to stick things in my slot! (full quote)
princesstigereyes Was it the Chad? (full quote)
24986 1) Trick or treat 2) that's a very nice custome, young lady 3) Glows in the dark (full quote)
24986 I'm a one third of an elite fighting team backed-up by an anynomous millionaire... (full quote)
24986 1) You crazy bastard!!!!! 2) I think what you mean is 'crazy bitch' (full quote)
24986 So I say, 'no maam, it's not the seat that has gotten smaller, is your ass that has gotten bigger...' (full quote)
24986 He's great...he's the bad guy (full quote)
24986 yeah, I'd like three cheesburgers, three large fries, and three large milkshakes....what do you guys, want? (full quote)
24986 Taste like chicken! It'll go well with brocolli...wuaahahahaha! (full quote)
24986 Like a virgin, you know... I mean it's my first, at Corwin's. (full quote)
24986 Never send a man to do a woman's job... (full quote)
24986 Creepy thin man (full quote)
24986 There's only one way to go invisible. (full quote)
24986 Can we get started this millenium? (full quote)
24986 You seem to have a lot of tension on your back vertabrae...maybe I could WOOOOORRRK that! (full quote)
24986 1) Oh, SHE did it! 2) Then I guess we can all go home then.. (full quote)
28503 And thats kickin' your ass. (full quote)
29939 1) good morning, Angels 2) good morning, Charlie!!!!! (full quote)
29939 They don't call me balls out Natalie for nothing! (full quote)
29939 1) Is this the famous Charlie? 2) No, this is Pete. (full quote)
29939 Starfish, I would just like to say that I'm honored to be your skipper and I think that you're very pretty and...Starfish? Where are you going? Starfish are you going swimming? Where are you going? Where are you going again Starfish? Was it the Chad? (full quote)
29939 Once upon a time there were three very different little girls who grew up to be three very different women with three things in common: they're brilliant, they're beautiful, and they work for me. My name is Charlie. (full quote)
29939 If you had not shot me and thrown me out the window and tried to kill everyone I loved-- I think we would have really had a chance. (full quote)
29939 Vivian Wood is a liar and all around bitch! (full quote)