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Joe the King - 1999 Movie Quotes

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PistachioMcHazelnut Don't fuck with the hairlip. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut What do you need money for you're fifteen fucking years old. P2: Fourteen. P3: While you're not gonna live to see fifteen at this rate. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut There are good people and then there are people like me. Don't get caught on the wrong side of that equation. (full quote)
Miles J 1)I tell you to do something you do it right? 2)Right 1) Make me chase you down the fuckin' street. I don't care if it's your boss or who the fuck it is. I tell you to go in the street and jump up and down like G.I Joe you'd do it right? 2)Right 1)I tell you to go on the roof and bark like a chicken you'd do it right? Look at me. You'd do it cause I'm your father right? 2)right. (full quote)
Miles J 1) You hittin' people now? 2)ok, can we eat? 1) no, I'm talking to your stupid son. 1)You hittin little girls with pencils? 3)It was the eraser end. 1)You listen, if I ever hear crap like that from any of your teachers again I will knock your fuckin' head off. 3)I didn't even hurt her. 1)It's my job, I work there. (full quote)