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What Lies Beneath - 2000 Movie Quotes

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3594 Claire: I think she's startin' to suspect someone. Norman: Who? Claire: your wife. (full quote)
3594 Claire: I think she's startin' to suspect something. Norman: Who? Claire: your wife. (full quote)
637 You think your smart don't you? You think you got away with it, well I know you killed her, you MURDERING SON OF A BITCH!! (full quote)
  Jody: are we hoping the gost is going to have to use the potty or something? (full quote)
4391 These are good...they're hot. (full quote)
9408 Think we can take 'em? (full quote)
12818 You stole the dead woman's shoe? (full quote)
  Jody: The wonderful thing about alimony: you lose a husband, you get a car. (full quote)
13901 1. You pick up any dudes yet? 2. I've got one in the trunk (full quote)
24986 You two take care of each other....I won't go to a single bar without her.. (full quote)
24986 Just regular coffee, not any of that mocha-nonsense.. (full quote)
24986 1) Did you pick up any dudes yet? 2) I have one in the trunk! (full quote)
24986 I just have one question, did you have anything to do with her disappearance? (full quote)
24986 1) It was her...the girl I saw in the bathtub (full quote)
24986 No Norman, this isn't about you! Something is happening to me! And it's not to get even...or some warped bid for attention. Something is happening in our house whether you like it or not! (full quote)
24986 Don't worry, I'm required to have at least three sessions in order to commit........ Now that was a joke. (full quote)
24986 1) I was just..I was...I was- 2) Spying! 3) Spying on Mr. Furer...4) Why aren't you dressed? Dinner with Stan...5) TONIGHT?! 6) We're gonna be- 7) fashionably five minutes late! (full quote)
24986 I'm sure he's hoping you'll pack me full of prozac so he can live out his life in peace. (full quote)
24986 Are we hoping the ghost is going to have to use the potty? (full quote)
24986 Have you ever felt so completely consumed by a feeling for someone that you couldn't breathe? That the time together is so passionate and consuming that you felt physical pain when they would leave? (full quote)
24986 I swear. I'm becoming the nosy old lady I used to run from (full quote)
24986 M-E-F... (full quote)
24986 (NORMAN) STOP! Stop it! Claire, I've tried to be there. I know you're going through something that I can't understand...but it's enough! Do you want to go see someone? Together? Well then what? Claire, what? Tell me what I can do. (CLAIRE) It's her. (full quote)
24986 (MS. FRANK) You look a little old for a student. (CLAIRE) I'm not. We...we met at a party. (MRS. FRANK) Sounds about right. Never understood how a girl that wild got all A's. Sure didn't get it from me. They wanted to put her in a special school for the gifted when she was young. Maddie wouldn't hear about it. (full quote)
24986 Forbidden a problem with that? (full quote)
24986 1) I tried to break it off! 2) You should've tried harder! (full quote)
24986 Why don't you SHUT UP, PROFFESSOR! Why...don' shut up.... (full quote)
24986 1) I was down in Adamant... 2) Adamant? 3) Artsy little village down seven. I saw Norman sitting at this little cafe but he wasn't alone...there was this young blond girl and I didn't think anything of it. I started to walk over...but they started arguing in such a way, that it stopped me... (full quote)