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Shaft - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  It's my duty to please that bootie. (full quote)
4520 I might put you down, but I'll never let you down! (full quote)
  It's my duty, to please that booty. (full quote)
5304 Now that I am not a cop do you think that makes me more or less dangerous (full quote)
  Tiger Woo.. Tiger Woo (full quote)
1759 Maybe I should workshop my foot up your ass! (full quote)
  You play golf? You know Tiger Woo? Tiger woo I li' 'im. (full quote)
  I got some chiken wing you Kentucky freid nigga. (full quote)
10929 Who delivers ten times outta ten? (full quote)
10929 It's Giuliani time! (full quote)
10929 What you in here for, man? income tax evasion? (full quote)
10929 I see you someplace I don't think you belong, I will kill you. (full quote)
10929 You're to hot, man. You gotta step off a bit. (full quote)
  Walter Wade: YOU WANT MY SHOES!!!!!????? (full quote)
  Can you dig it? (full quote)
28032 It's my duty to please that booty (full quote)
  who delivers 10 times out of 10 (full quote)
  Yo Shaft! I'm Gonna put so many lawyers in your ass, you're gonna think they opened a branch office there. (full quote)
  I thought you were gonna smoke me? - I only smoke camals Shut the fuck up, cornbread? Yo Yo, Luger, Whats up with the corn bread? your problem is what? Nazi's with badges, thats my problem... I see your point, maybe i should take an ethnic sensitivity workshop,huh? I should workshopmy foot up your ass. Nothing between us, but air and opportunity (full quote)
12672 GET OUT OF THE ROAD YOU crackHEAD!!!!! (full quote)
12672 Do you wanna be held?, or do you want the LD? (full quote)
12672 Tiger Woooood, I like him. (full quote)
  what's my name??? what'S MY NAME!!!! (full quote)
  I know motherfuckers who'd waste entire zip codes for that kinda cheese. (full quote)
  It is my duty to please that booty! (full quote)
  $42000? I know guys that'd take out an entire zipcode for that kind of money. (full quote)
  Puta, why'd you flinch? (full quote)
33944 ADline: *Any questions?* (full quote)